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flexible cable
flexible cable

flexible cable

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Insulation Material Rubber Cable type.


  flexible cable

  1.Flexible cable.

  2.Benefit from our 20 years of OEM experience.

  3.More than 100 countries exporting record.

  flexible cable

  Detail Product Description

  Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)

  Brand Name: Shuangyang

  Model Number: H07RN-F

  Conductor: Copper

  Insulation Material: Rubber

  Application: Construction

  Sales point

  1.High quality

  2.Favorable price

  3.Great variety of products

  4.Attractive design

  5.Environment friendly technology

  6.OEM and ODM service provided


  1.VDE flexible cable.

  2.Cable type: 2*1.5mm2 , 2*2.5mm2 , 3*1.0mm2 , 3*1.5mm2 , 3*2.5mm2 , 4*0.75mm2 , 4*1.0mm2 , 4*1.5mm2 , 4*2.5mm2 , 5*1.5mm2 , 5*2.5mm2,

  3.Standard: VDE0282

  4.Max Temperature: 60°C

  5.Rated Voltage: 450/750V

  6.The packing can according to customer's requirement.

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