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11kV XLPE Insulated Covered AAAC Conductor

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:09-27-2017

11kV XLPE Insulated Covered AAAC Conductor is XLPE covered all aluminum alloy conductor for 11kV overhead distribution system.

Standard: AS/NZS 3675


The conductor

The conductor shall be of multi-strand round compacted hard drawn aluminum alloy conforming to AS 3675 latest revision thereof or any recognized international standards that ensures at least a substantially equal quality to the standard mentioned above.The Conductor wires shall not have any joints except for those made on the base wire.

The insulation

The covering insulating material shall be of track resistant UV stabilized (weather resistant). The average thickness of the covering insulation shall not be less than that stipulated in the Technical Requirements. The hardness of the covering XLPE shall be such that it should not get damaged by the kite string and shall be suitable for fixing insulation piercing Arc Protectors. The covering shall be fully pressure extruded and dry cured so as to provide a uniform thickness throughout the length of the conductor.

The water blocking function

Suitable water blocking material shall be incorporated between the conductor an the

covering during the extrusion process to prevent the migration of water along the conductor. The water blocking material shall be of contrasting color to that of the conductor. The water blocking material shall not affect the inter-strand conduction and also not affect the adhesion between the conductor and the XLPE cover. Water blocking material shall be stable at maximum operating temperature of 80oC and full technical particulars with regard to the above shall be furnished with the offer.


Routine Test

The manufactured conductor shall be tested in full compliance with the governing standard including following routine tests:

Test on wire before stranding

Wire diameter

Ultimate tensile strength

Wrapping test

Resistivity test

Test on finished covered conductor

Inter-strand conductivity test

Thickness of covering

Static water blocking test

Stripping test

Spark test

Type Tests

Tests on wire before stranding

Tests on covering material

Tests on finished covered conductor

The Type Test Certificates furnished shall be from a recognized independent testing authority acceptable to the purch.

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