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Do you know Nylon jacket wire?

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:09-30-2017

The Nylon jacket wire is widely used in aircraft low-voltage lines, highway monitoring equipment line installation, highway with inductance coil line (electronic police line, to sense coil line) is also used for lighting fixtures, road high pole lights line, and Home decoration wiring. AC rated voltage of 250V and below the DC voltage of 500V and below, the use of wire temperature at -60 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ relative humidity in 98% of the environment can be used normally.

1, easy to wear pipe, pipe wear coefficient was significantly reduced.

2, increased the wire tube threading capacity. Wire diameter is small, the same size of the catheter can penetrate more or more current carrying capacity.

3, excellent wear resistance to reduce the wire through the pipe and laying on the insulation damage. This is very important, can effectively reduce the latent short-circuit accident hidden trouble.

4, excellent resistance to hydrocarbon performance, good chemical stability, that is excellent oil resistance, resistance to liquefied petroleum gas and gas corrosion performance, effectively improve the reliability and service life of cloth wire (aging performance test proved BVN type wire Than the original PVC-type wire life of at least doubled that 40 years or more).

5, high security performance. Tested BVN type wire has good thermal stability and heat shrinkage performance. This will help to avoid the possibility of overcharging the ground to cause the wire to shrink and expose the copper wire to cause a short circuit failure.

6, have the ability to withstand considerable short-circuit current, 5 seconds short circuit to withstand the temperature is higher than the ordinary PVC type. This is because of the nylon jacket, and nylon melting point of 215 ℃.

7, with PVC insulation with the same flame retardant properties. According to the experts concerned, the toxicity of combustion is much less than PE.

8, nylon material has a strong physical properties, can be waterproof, moisture, pest control bites.

9, manufacturer name, product type, voltage level and other signs printed on the PVC insulation and nylon jacket between the logo clear, resistant to rub.

With the THHN/THWN product standards promulgated, these new products will soon be accepted by users, the current in Beijing, Shanghai and other large cities such as large-scale construction (such as the Olympic Games venues) require the use of BVN-type cloth wire. In Europe, the United States, Canada and the Middle East are widely used in large quantities, in the foreign market with this nylon jacket BVN-type wire occupied more than 95% of the cloth wire market. Although China has just started, but has breeds a huge market.

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