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The usage and characteristics of nylon sheath cable

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:10-09-2017

With the development of cable and wire industry, many new types cables appear in our life. Such as the newest nylon sheath cable. The article mainly introduce the usage and some characteristics from 5 items as following.

1, the application

At present, the nylon sheath cable mainly used in these areas as following:

1.) Built-in indoor power cord wiring, such as low-voltage power, lighting wire and cable (BV-type cloth wire) - construction nylon jacket line commonly used nylon 6 sheath material. Can replace nylon 1010 (nylon 6 cheap, low black spots, vacuum packaging without drying)

2.) Cables for electrical equipment

3.) Motor line and enameled wire, locomotive and vehicle line

4.) Aerospace

2, the production process

With the traditional PVC (insulation and sheath are PVC) production process is different. Processing technology is more complex. At present, China's nylon jacket line production generally use an extruder graded extruded PVC insulated and nylon jacket.

There are also two-machine co-extrusion method to produce PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire technology (more advanced). That is, using two extruders arranged in series, the first extruded PVC insulation immediately after the second extruder extruded nylon jacket.

3, industry characteristics

Nylon jacket wire industry industry concentration is relatively low. The use of this new technology to produce insulated wire and cable enterprises have not yet formed a scale, the number of market competitors is not much, most of the enterprise production capacity is small, not the formation of dominant brands and leading enterprises, but showed a rapid growth trend.

4, cost considerations

From the economic analysis, although the nylon sheathing material and PVC insulation material price difference between the extruded nylon jacket and increased working hours costs, but the amount of PVC insulation material greatly reduced, making the nylon jacket line The cost did not increase too much. Such as: 10mm2 and below slightly below (or equivalent) PVC insulated wire, according to the full range of specifications on the total cost of wire materials, the only increase of 0.453%. With the popularity of the product and the increase in production, nylon jacket material and PVC insulation material price difference will be reduced.

5, Excellent performance

1.) Good thermal stability;

2.) Good processing performance;

3.) Good flexibility, toughness and wear resistance;

4.) Good self - lubricating performance;

5.) Good resistance to chemical corrosion, especially anti-gasoline, oil and other oil;

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