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General Processing of Cables

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:10-18-2017

The manufacture of wire and cable is completely different from that of most electromechanical products. The wire and cable are based on the length of the unit of measurement. All wire and cable are from the beginning of the conductor processing, in the periphery of the conductor layer by layer with insulation, shielding, cable, sheath, etc. made of wire and cable products. The more complex the product structure, the more the level of stacking.

1. Copper, aluminum monofilament drawing

Wire and cable commonly used in copper, aluminum rods, at room temperature, the use of wire drawing machine through a or a few way to die die die hole, so that the cross-section decreases, the length increases, the strength increases. Drawing is the first wire and cable company's process, drawing the main process parameters is with the mold technology.

2. Monofilament annealing

Copper, aluminum monofilament heating to a certain temperature, to recrystallize the way to improve the toughness of monofilament, reducing the strength of monofilaments to meet the requirements of wire and cable conductive wire core. The key to the annealing process is to prevent the oxidation of copper wire.

3. Conductor twist

In order to improve the softness of the wire and cable, in order to lay the installation, the conductive wire core to take a number of single wire twisted together.

4. Insulated extrusion

Plastic wire and cable mainly used squeeze solid type insulation layer, plastic insulation extrusion of the main technical requirements:

5. Into a cable

For multi-core cable in order to ensure the degree of molding, reduce the cable shape, generally need to be twisted into a circular.

Most of the cable in the cable at the same time with the completion of two other processes: one is filled to ensure that the cable after the round and stability of the cable; one is tied to ensure that the cable is not loose.

6. Inner sheathed

In order to protect the insulated wire core from being armored, the insulation layer needs to be properly protected. The inner protective layer is divided into the inner sheath (inner sleeve) and the inner sheath (cushion). The wrapping of the wrapping is carried out in place of the banding and the cable forming process.

7. Armor

Laying in the underground cable, the work may be subject to a certain positive pressure, can choose within the steel armored structure. Cable laying in both the role of positive pressure and the role of tension (such as water, vertical shaft or large gap between the soil), should be used with a steel wire armored structure type.

8. Outer jacket

The outer sheath is part of the structural part that protects the insulation of the wire and cable from environmental factors. The main role of outer sheath is to improve the mechanical strength of wire and cable, anti-chemical corrosion, moisture, water immersion, to prevent the ability of cable burning

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