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The Flexibility of Integrated Wiring FeaturesThe Difference Between Copper Wire and Tinned Copper Wire Braid

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:10-23-2017

Wire and cable are mainly composed of the cores insulation layer, jacket layer .

The difference between the wire and the cable is not strictly limited, but in general terms, the cable structure is more complex, it has a complex jacket layer, and the wire structure is relatively simple only conductor and insulation, and some only woven wax Lightweight protective layer or covered with a layer of light soft protective layer. The conductive wire of the wire and cable is used to transmit the current. To reduce the power loss and voltage drop, the conductive wire is generally made of high conductivity copper and aluminum. The role of the insulation layer is to prevent the current leakage along the radial, to ensure the use of safety.

So the insulation layer to have a good electrical insulation performance. Heat resistance and a certain mechanical strength. The protective cover outside the insulated core or cable is called the sheath of the cable (the protective cover outside the sheath is called the outer sheath). The main role of the protective layer is to protect the insulation.

Its main performance is moisture, oil, corrosion. Anti-daylight aging, fire, and mechanical protection (the role of the outer layer is mainly to strengthen the mechanical protection of the cable. It is subject to tension, bump), but also has anti-power, anti-magnetic dry anti-role from the wire and cable sheath point of view, Weaving is one of many kinds of sheaths or outer sheaths of wire and cable.

However, according to the wire and cable braid used in the material and braid in the wire and cable structure of the different parts of the role of the weaving layer is clearly different.

Metal braided layer mainly copper wire braid and wire (wire) braided two,

The main role of copper wire weaving is:

1.Against electromagnetic interference such as tinned copper wire braided blue cable, copper wire braided control cable and so on.

2.Eliminate the shielding effect of the surface potential of the power cable. It acts as a shield of power lines and eliminates the induction of electricity, such as high-voltage cables.

3.Shielding the role of security. In the main core insulation outside the braided copper wire and ground contact with a good or ground, with timely response to leakage, such as shielded mine cable.

The main role of wire weaving is:

l. Mechanical protection. Such as marine power cable CF31 type.

2. Withstand vertical pull force, such as marine geological exploration with magnetic cable WC-GC, WCT type

3. Magnetic field shielding

Copper wire braid and tinned copper wire weaving are different from tinned copper wire woven with insulation, the role is to prevent the current along the radial leakage, to ensure the use of safe, with good electrical insulation properties. Heat resistance and a certain mechanical strength.The use of tinned copper is to improve the strength, to avoid copper oxidation and corrosion.

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