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The simple introduction of Submarine cable

Author:yhngrfd   Post Date:10-30-2017

Submarine cable is wrapped with insulating material wire, laying in the seabed and river water for telecommunications transmission. Modern submarine cables are used as fiber materials, transmission telephones and Internet signals. The world's first submarine cable was laid between Britain and France in 1850. China's first submarine cable was completed in 1988, a total of two, one is Fuzhou Chuan Shidao and Taiwan Shanghai tail (fresh water) between the length of 177 miles from another Tainan Anping to Penghu, 53 km long.

Submarine cables are submarine communication cables and submarine power cables. Submarine communication cable is mainly used for communication services, expensive, but high degree of confidentiality. Submarine power cable is mainly used for underwater transmission of high-power power, and the role of underground power cable is the same, but the application of the occasion and laying different ways. As the submarine cable engineering is recognized by the world as a complex and difficult large-scale projects, from the environmental exploration, marine physical survey, and cable design, manufacture and installation, the application of complex technology, and thus submarine cable manufacturers in the world, Mainly in Norway, Denmark, Japan, Canada, the United States, Britain, France, Italy and other countries, these countries in addition to manufacturing also provide laying technology.

The core of the submarine cable is made of fine, high-purity optical fibers, which guide the light along the path of the fiber. Submarine cable to be able to withstand the enormous pressure of 8 km underwater, the equivalent of an elephant on the human thumb to bear the weight.

In the production of submarine cable, the fiber will first be embedded in a jelly-like compound to protect the cable from damage even in contact with seawater. And then the cable into the steel pipe, to prevent the water pressure to damage. Which is then wrapped in a steel wire with a high overall strength and enclosed in a copper tube, and finally a protective layer of polyethylene material. Towards the coast of the continental shelf, the laying of submarine cables is usually made of lightweight cables with greater strength of the wire and covering the asphalt coating to prevent seawater corrosion.

Submarine communication cable is mainly used for long distance communication network, usually used for long distance islands, cross-sea military facilities and other more important occasions. Submarine power cable laying distance is much shorter than the communication cable, mainly used for land between the island, across the river or harbor, from the land connection drilling platform or drilling platform between the interconnection and so on. In general, the use of submarine cable transmission power is undoubtedly more expensive than the same length of overhead cables, but it is often used with smaller and isolated power stations for regional power generation more economical, more benefits in offshore applications. In countries with more islands and rivers, such cables are used more widely.

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