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Rubber cable industry overcapacity is the formation of the industry's internal vicious competition one of the root causes

Author:admin   Post Date:07-20-2015

  According to understand 19 in order to solve the problem of excess capacity in iron and steel, cement, glass and other industries, the governor of Hebei Province, Zhang Qingwei set junlingzhuang: Iron and steel, cement, glass, a ton of new capacity, party and government with responsibility, in situ removal must be performed. In our country, the rubber cable industry than steel, cement and other industry overcapacity problems have been too and no less than. We may solve China's Outside the Box, rubber cable industry overcapacity, the government also needs to set a military order.

  1 trillions of annual output value scale for the world to see the prosperity of China's rubber cable industry, but revealed the industry overcapacity crisis. China's rubber and cable industry overcapacity in the market, but also with the government. Some local government "to the money, to the land, to the policy" distorts the market supply, the enterprise has no control to expand production capacity.

  "Small and medium rubber cable companies operating rate is less than 30%, the cable industry capacity has been far more than the domestic market demand for rubber cables, and even to meet the global 70% market." Jiang Huajun, general manager of Far East cable Limited by Share Ltd.

  Not only has the same view Jiang Huajun, Jiangsu Shangshang cable group chairman Ding Shanhua said, the cable industry has serious overcapacity, and due to the extensive development of, the industry average profit rate has been declining.

  In recent years, the international financial crisis, the deep impact of the international market continued to slump, domestic demand growth slowed down, the supply of rubber and cable products in China has become increasingly prominent. Business difficulties, a sharp decline in profits, the industry is on the verge of a comprehensive loss.

  Wuwei County Province, Anhui province is one of the four major cable bases, 2012 rubber cable industry output value over 40000000000 yuan. The county magistrate Zhang zuwu said, Wuwei County Rubber cable industry after 20 years of rapid development, the past few years under the macro economic downward pressure, the financial crisis the influence and even rubber cable industry overcapacity, many cable companies in trouble.

  "At present, the rubber cable industry overcapacity is the formation of the industry's internal vicious competition one of the root causes." China Electrical Appliance Industry Association wire and cable branch executive vice secretary general Wu Shimin think.

  Who should come to our rescue rubber cable industry overcapacity? Nothing more than two paths: market and government. From the government, with a clear industrial policy to limit the capacity surplus areas, guide enterprises to change the scale expansion of the extension of the inertia of thinking, rationally according to the needs of the market to adjust the direction of development, to accelerate the elimination of low-end production capacity and equipment, to achieve the transformation and upgrading.

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