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Future communications cable will drive the development of aerial bundled cable industry

Author:admin   Post Date:07-21-2015

  China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) January 16, released the 33rd China Internet development statistics report shows that as of December 2013 the scale of China's Internet users has reached 618 million, Internet users through the desktop computer, notebook computer Internet proportion were 69.7% and 44.1%, compared to 2012 annual average declined, and proportion of mobile Internet is from 74.5% rose to 81.0%. The rapid development of mobile Internet, or it will become an urgent need to upgrade the traditional aerial bundled cable companies to take off the strong wings.

  This two years of mobile Internet and traditional industries combined with the new model by more and more professional people's praise. Zhang Feng, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, held in December 2013 "the 7th International Symposium on mobile Internet" said that mobile Internet in 2013 ushered in and traditional industry of cross-border integration, with the characteristics of openness and innovation let people see it the future of the huge development potential.

  Vice president of the Internet Society of China Huang Chengqing prophecy, combined with the depth of the mobile Internet and global industries and people's daily life, will create more abundant application, build a broader space for development.

  Analysys International Senior Analyst Yan Xiaojia believes that the mobile Internet is a "people first" natural flow of blood. He firmly believes that simple and easy to use, close to the user, service life, and traditional industries closely integrated mobile Internet products, will be more life.

  In the view of China Telecom Application store operations center director Li Shijia, mobile Internet a lot of productivity has not yet been applied to traditional enterprises, and the market is far greater than the tens of billions of yuan. He believes that mobile Internet can be from a variety of customer relationship management, internal management to help enterprises to improve management efficiency, reduce labor costs; in helping companies sell tentacles extended and fundamentally change the traditional sales model, thereby increasing revenue.

  At present, traditional domestic aerial bundled cable enterprise mostly meet the rising production costs, financing difficulties, sustainable development and so on a series of survival and development problems, traditional mode has been unable to meet the demand of long-term development of enterprises, and in the new mode of the mobile Internet driven by aerial bundled cable enterprise is likely to therefore get more and better opportunities for development.

  Due to the potential value of the mobile Internet in the aerial bundled cable industry, so some of the domestic cable companies have a vision of the industry has begun to explore the way the industry. 2011, the domestic cable industry leader in the Far East Cable pioneered a net two platform model, only about 1 years after the launch of the cable network to its mobile client. With the mobile phone client without geographical restrictions and other advantages, the user can timely understand the latest developments in the world of aerial bundled cable industry.

  December 2013, the United States general cable (China) enterprise class mobile applications (App) formally launched, General Motors has become the first to test the water to test the enterprise class mobile application promotion of aerial bundled cable companies. It is understood that, compared with the traditional aerial bundled cable purchase channels, general App has greatly simplified the user's aerial bundled cable selection process and more conducive to explore the potential needs of users. In this regard, the United States general cable (China) CEO Tan Bingwen said the company's mobile application will give a new line of general purpose in upgrading the user building model, and explore new business models, etc..

  "Mobile Internet has become 'human electronic organ', believe that its cooperation with the traditional industry will become a comprehensive cooperation." January 16th, chairman of the board of directors of Tencent Inc and CEO Ma Huateng in the Hongkong Development Forum, said he was optimistic about the prospects for mobile Internet and traditional industries. For the traditional aerial bundled cable companies, if the plug on the mobile Internet wings, communications cable will drive the aerial bundled cable industry to fly higher and farther.

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