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The impact of ABC cable industry in the assessment of special high voltage engineering in China

Author:admin   Post Date:07-22-2015

  In China, the high voltage engineering experience has been assessed as an important part of the power grid construction, and the ABC cable will be greatly affected.

  China's special high-voltage power grid is a 1000000 volt AC or 800000 volt DC power grid. UHV marks the development of the national power grid into a special high pressure to lead, in the direction of intelligent, comprehensive innovation and development of the new stage. At present, China is the only country in the world to master the special high-voltage technology, but also the world's only commercial operation of the country. From 2013 8 years, the country will invest more than 3 yuan to build the national grid. In 2015, 2017 and 2020, respectively, built two vertical and two horizontal, five horizontal and three vertical and three horizontal and five vertical UHV power grid step three. Although the national plan for the development of special high pressure, such as the development of high pressure, large capacity, high efficiency, long distance advanced transmission technology, but so far, the national grid has been set aside for the 12th Five Year plan.

  Ya - Wuhan UHV project evaluation, the evaluation time is 45 days, so far, time has passed, still did not start assessment procedures; from Ximeng to Nanjing transmission project also got the flagging and submitted for approval, until now there is no below; East Ring AC extra high pressure project north semi ring (Huainan - Nanjing - Shanghai) project to assess the limit in the past year the, still no assessment results.

  As an important part of the power grid construction, the ABC cable is bound to affect the demand of cable. From the information of the major cable companies to see, the State Grid and the south network of cable demand in the year to reduce. Since 2009, China's power (power grid) on the ABC cable market capacity accounted for a gradual decline in the trend. From 21.5% in 2012 to 15.1% in 2009, is expected to be slightly down this year, to 14.1%. by 2020 may fall to 7.8%.

  Far East Cable Co., Ltd. General Manager Jiang Huajun said that by 2020, transportation and manufacturing of ABC cable demand growth slowed, but the industrial, construction and communications and electronics industry market capacity accounted for the ratio will be gradually increased and reached 34.3%, 24.1%, 26.7% become ABC cable business growth highlights. With the country to support the development of new energy, ocean engineering, high-end equipment electrical and information engineering is expected by 2020, China ABC cable market capacity for 8088.9_yi billion yuan (including optical fiber and cable, but does not include the winding line), the overall presentation growth trend.

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