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The development of electric power industry has a direct impact on the future development of the aerial cable industry.

Author:admin   Post Date:07-22-2015

  For the new energy industry, although the photovoltaic industry is still in the doldrums, the new energy industry investment cost is still relatively high, especially large-scale wind power bases, nuclear power plant investment scale is very high, industry risk, but in the short term, the country's new energy power priority access policy for new energy industry level of profitability provides basic protection. Although the wind power equipment, polysilicon and other part of the potential production capacity excess or low-level redundant construction industry competition tends to be fierce, part of the development of enterprises face difficulties, but in 2020, under the background of the national energy-saving emission reduction and the adjustment of energy structure, the new energy industry will protect to the boom interval, the profitability of the industry is expected to continue to improve.

  In 2012, China issued the solar power development "1025" planning "planning will be 2015 PV installed target set for 20GW, and put forward if the promotion of distributed generation more smoothly, more than the target volume can reach 40gw. In 2013, the new global PV installed capacity reached more than 35gw, which Europe and the United States market accounting for about 40-50%, Japan, China and the United States will contribute to nearly 45% of the new market installed capacity. Optimistic scenario, China's new installed capacity will reach 8-10GW, grew 122%, the market will present centralized and distributed generation and, large-scale photovoltaic power plants mainly in the northwest, distributed power mainly concentrated in the southeastern region.

  According to the development of national "renewable energy long-term development planning" and the nuclear power and long-term development plan ", within the next 10 years China's wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy and other new energy industry in explosive growth stage, wind cable, PV cable, nuclear cable special electric cable needs a huge amount. With the rapid development of China's new energy and need a lot of supporting the new energy cable; in the future for quite a long time, the market will be in the wind power cable, cable for nuclear power station, solar power with other cables and special cables oriented. Thus, the aerial cable industry and new energy and other new industry association degree of rapid increase, thus giving the cable industry's emerging industry characteristics.

  With the development of China's economy, to demand more and more, and the power industry becomes more and more stronger, from 2000 to 2012, electricity production industry, the rapid development, the electric power production industry sales revenue from 2000 3006.01_yi billion yuan increased to 2012 16888.04_yi billion yuan, is 562 times that of 2000. And as China's economy continues to maintain the growth rate of 7.5%-8.0%, China's power production industry, will be rapid expansion. Power production requires the supply of the power grid, so the next few years is also the power grid rapid development period.

  The forecast for the next seven or eight years, is a stage of rapid development of power grid, power transmission lines will usher in upgrading. Large capacity transmission line construction, urban and rural power grids to further development, and so will become the high pressure, high pressure and ultra high voltage aerial cable to provide a huge market space.

  In 2015, the strong national power grid, which is the core of UHV power grid, is formed, and the information of power network, automation, and the level of interaction is significantly improved, to meet the large-scale renewable energy access and transport. Ultra high voltage and power grid transmission capacity more than 240000000 kilowatts. The power supply capability of distribution network, significantly improve the quality and reliability of electrical power supply, urban distribution network power supply reliability rate reached 99.92% above, integrated voltage qualification rate reached 99.5%, rural power supply reliability rate reached more than 99.73%, integrated power supply voltage qualified rate reached more than 98.45%.

  By 2020, the basic completion of a strong smart grid, formed to "Sanhua" UHV synchronous power grid by the end, northeast of UHV power grid, the Northwest 750 kV power grid to send end, connecting the large coal bases, large hydropower bases, large nuclear power base, large scale renewable energy base, a strong grid structure, UHV and interconnected power grid conveying capacity exceeding 4 million kilowatts, meet the large-scale coal bases and large hydropower bases, large nuclear power base, 10 million kilowatts class wind power base access and load center of power demand. Power grid resource allocation, security level, operating efficiency, and power grid and power supply, the user's interactive.

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