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Rubber cable market requires the green, environmental protection, energy saving products

Author:admin   Post Date:07-23-2015

  Rubber cable relates to every aspect of people's lives, the markets have a tendency to purchase and bring low energy consumption, low pollution effect of products, namely under the economic environment changes, rubber cable market need green, environmental protection, energy saving effect of products. In China, the environmental problem is getting worse and worse, and the concept of the environment is the product of the market acceptance of the direction.

  In rubber cable industry, the deterioration of the environment will Daobi enterprises made the following behavior: more efficient manufacturing equipment and technology, can make the material using rate is maximized. At the same time as far as possible to reduce their pollutant discharge; in materials, with energy-saving, environment-friendly materials to and environment, adapt the market.

  The western developed countries in R & D and production, establish environmental regulations walk in the forefront of that century not Japan to the green environmental protection material replace PVC rapid rise in, pay more attention to the environmental protection of the cable production and standard formulation, in succession formulate seven environmental protection standard for communications cables, an environmental alarm standard cable, a environment-friendly power cable standard. According to the domestic and foreign environmental attention and concern degree, according to the actual situation of the city's cable industry, referring to foreign in this regard the standard information, such as USEPA, European Union en. China has also developed a series of ecological environmental protection cable standard, of CATV ecological environmental protection performance, mechanical and environmental performance, combustion performance, test method etc. are outlined and regulations.

  The economic development in China pay more attention to the resources fully utilized, to the improvement of science and technology, instead of the original resource consumption, labor input to obtain development; pay attention to environmental protection, increase the application of energy-saving emission reduction policies and the promotion of green environmental protection material; economic development will be more filling with a heavy hand, pay attention to the sustainability of economic development. The popularization of environmental protection cable is helpful to reduce waste emissions and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial economy in the economic development of our country.

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