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Environmental rubber cable future market is considerable

Author:admin   Post Date:07-23-2015

  Since entering the new century, the problem of environmental protection has become more and more prominent. Today, individuals, enterprises, organizations, countries and even the world are actively exploring ways to protect the environment, the relevant laws have been formulated and announced. Rubber cable as related to our life aspects of the special commodity, as early as in a few years ago focus on production of environmentally friendly green rubber cable products, after the practice of the market point of view, green environment-friendly rubber cable popular users welcome, and even has been listed is the most important factor in the majority of the procurement unit. If rubber cable production enterprises can be early attention, early input, early research and development, firmly occupy the domestic market of environmentally friendly rubber cable, no doubt for the future development of the no and adverse.

  Nowadays, the green cable covers the reasonable expectations, and has on human and environmental non-toxic (low toxicity) no pollution, high safety and reliability, long use life, easy separation and recovery of recycling economy characteristics. And pay attention to the green environmental protection type rubber cable R & D before, the traditional rubber cable basically is in the condition of high temperature processing and use of various chemical raw materials, in the whole life cycle of the products will have a negative impact on the environment, and a lot of rubber cable is quite serious pollution sources. A large amount of dioxin, heavy metal and halogen in the process of manufacturing, use and disposal of waste. PVC cable compound that contains ammonia, although the flame retardant, once the burning will produce toxic gas of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen halides, etc.. At the same time, it will produce a lot of smoke, hazards to human safety, fire threatening. Cable scrap to handle, buried in, lead stabilizer in subsurface diffusion potential, causing environmental harm, destruction of ecology, burning of PVC material, easy to produce dioxin and other carcinogenic substances Mi vine diffusion.

  At present, whether it is Chinese or international professional organizations, are actively through the formulation of relevant standards, including the formulation of GB/1648.9-1996 the import of waste environmental protection control standard of waste cable "and strict requirements of lead and its compounds waste shall not exceed import waste one ten thousandth as much as the weight of the wire. In order to encourage and require the production of cable companies green environmentally friendly rubber cable. Such as China's relevant laws and regulations explicitly require significant buildings prohibit the use of PVC and rubber cable must be used for low smoke, non halogen crosslinking polyolefin insulated  rubber cable to avoid the fire when a lot of smoke, chlorine, causing casualties.

  And in major construction, it is mandatory to use environmentally friendly cable. For example, in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games all adopt the environmental protection material, of course also includes the environmental protection type cable. And during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the various pavilions are also full use of environmentally friendly materials. In addition, as early as in October 2002, the Shanghai Construction Committee will be required, in large buildings or public places, not to use PVC and other non environmentally friendly cable. Clearly require building height of over 100 meters of civil buildings must use a low smoke halogen free flame retardant wire and cable. Building height over 100 meters of high-rise buildings and less than 100 meters civil and civil construction, as a large hospitals, public places of entertainment, underground shopping malls, libraries, stations, supermarkets, terminal building, office buildings, etc., at least should be use of smokeless low halogen and flame retardant cable.

  And in foreign markets, the more emphasis on the use of green and environmentally friendly cable. Such as the European Union therefore issued mandatory instructions -- "on the restricted use instruction of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment" (RoHS), the standard of electrical and electronic products in the lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers of a total of six material limits. And ROHS directive although is mandatory, but it is far from alone harsh, in 2007, implement the EU REACH directive can say daunting.

  Along with the international market demand for environment-friendly rubber cable with the Japanese Ju Jin, EU in last year's July 1st, the implementation of "green barrier" of "on the use of Hazardous Substances Directive and the waste electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive binomial law banning in electrical and electronic equipment is not only, but also where the opportunities. Japan, for example, in the development of green rubber cable in the forefront of the developed countries, in 2001, the environmental protection rubber cable has accounted for 10% of the domestic market, in 2006 reached 50%. Despite the development and application of domestic environmental protection rubber cable has also been the attention of the rubber cable production enterprises, and in early September 2003 formally proposed to the green environmental protection for sustainable development strategy, but developed rubber cable compared to Japan and other countries, our country in the competition also at a disadvantage.

  But anyway, the research and development of green environmental protection type rubber cable and large-scale adoption has become an international trend, only production to meet market demand, adapt to era development of cable products to enhance competition of cable production enterprises, more to win the market into a dynamic force. The green environmental protection type rubber cable is very broad market prospects, the problem of environmental protection is undoubtedly the trend of the times, as countries more and more attention paid to the issue of environmental protection, environmental protection type rubber cable will be promising.

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