Aluminum core composite core cable (ACCC /TW conductor cable) is a new generation of traditional aluminum core steel core reinforced (ACSR conductor) cable. It is a new type of wire for overhead transmission lines. A form of conductor belonging to HTLS conductor. It has the advantages of lightweight, tensile strength, good thermal stability, small slippage, strong downstream ability per unit area, and corrosion resistance. This product is widely used in seaside, mining areas, high corrosion intensity, high pollution intensity, easy conductor jumping, and other environments. The ACCC carbon fiber composite wire products produced by Veri cable manufacturers are of good quality. Fast and complete acceptance specifications guarantee our ability to deliver safely.

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Aluminum Conductor Composite Core ACCC/TW Features

ACCC carbon fiber composite core cable is a new type of overhead power cable produced by our company. It is a high-temperature low sag (HTLS) overhead power line conductor cable. The central performance reinforcement assembly of this cable is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass composites.
2-4 Examine the returned Type 1350 aluminum (alloy) conductor at the periphery of the reinforcement. The returned Type 1350 aluminum (alloy) wire meets the requirements of ASTM B857/ASTM B609.


  • Highly energy efficient and Cool
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio
  • High current carrying capacity
  • Excellent sag characteristics
  • Low wind and ice loading parameters

Overall the advantages of ZMS’ ACCC products are reflected in transmission capacity, wire sag, wire loss, reinforced core structure, and so on. At the same time, the product is very easy to install and replace, which can quickly replace the line at a lower cost and improve the transmission capacity of the line. This also brings great benefits to power companies. Ultimately, it brings convenience to industries, enterprises, and residents.

ACCC Conductor Specification

ACCC/TW (Aluminum Composite Core) is one of the materials with high-temperature low sag  (HTLS conductor). Other materials for high-temperature low trap conductors are the Invar Conductor series (TACIR and ZTACIR), Gap Type ConductorACSS Type ConductorTACSR/AW Type Conductor, etc.

What is the difference between ACSR and ACCC?

Although ACCC and ACSR have their names, we can see that their most immediate difference is the material. But they are actually different in many ways.

  • The ACSR has a maximum amperage of 1,266 amperes at 100° C and the ACCC has a maximum amperage of 2,376 amperes at 200° C. The ACCC has a maximum amperage of 2,376 amperes at 200° C.
  • At 1,200 amperes, the conductor temperature is 93° C for the ACSR and 75° C for the ACCC.
  • The reserve capacity of the ACSR conductors is 66 amperes and the reserve capacity of the ACCC conductors is 1,176 amperes.

The ACCC it can be distinguished from ACSR in addition to cables such as ACSS cable and ACCR. If you need to know more, please consult vericable website.

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