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Veri low voltage cable are suitable for transmission lines and distribution with voltage of 0.6/1 kv. And we have various voltage cables with different voltage levels: high voltage cable, medium voltage cable.

Veri Cable is a large-scale cable enterprise technology manfacturer. And it also includes development, manufacturing, sales and service. Veri Cable located in Zhengzhou with thirty years. And it has  intelligent production and testing equipment. What’s more, it also has a experienced team. Then we are mainly produce and sell hundreds of series of 35kV and below power cables. Such as wires and cables for electrical equipment, voltage cables, solar cables, mineral insulated cables and airport lighting cables and so on. And our cable products are widely used in many national key projects of urban and rural power grid transformation, power transmission, and installation companies.

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Types of Veri Low Voltage Cable

Low voltage cable

0.6/1 kV Low Voltage Cable

Low-voltage cables refer to applications that require less infrastructure, including telephones, security wires, fire alarms, walkie-talkies, and the Internet. Also the types of low voltage cables can divide into AC voltage and DC voltage. Because as a professional low voltage cable manufacturer, we can meet all your needs.

Low-voltage cable


Veri low voltage cable can suitable for transmission and distribution circuits with rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below. And it can be laid indoors, outdoors, cable trenches, bridges, etc. Then it also can withstand a certain external force.

STANDARDS&REFERENCES:IEC 61089/BS 7870/DIN 48201/ASTM B399/BS EN50183/NFC33-209
  • Conductor: Copper/ Aluminum/Aluminum alloy
  • Insulation:PVC/XLPE
Aluminum Aerial Bundled Cable

0.6/1kV ABC —Aerial Bundled Cable

This is a kind of PVC, HEPE and XLPE insulated aerial cables of copper core, aluminum core or aluminum alloy core. And they are suitable for overhead power line of AC rated voltage 0.6/1KV and below.

0.6/1 kv Lv Cable


It is widely used in power transmission lines and electricity distribution lines. Because they have such good characteristics as simple structure, convenient maintenance. And low cost large transmission capacity. Then they are also suitable for laying across rivers valleys and the geographical places.

STANDARDS&REFERENCES:IEC 61089/BS 7870/DIN 48201/ASTM B399/BS EN50183/ NFC33-209
  • Conductor: copper/aluminum/aluminum alloy
    Insulation: PVC/XLPE

How to Bury Low Voltage Cables?

Install outdoor low-voltage cables. For outdoor lighting, you can use a 2-conductor low-voltage outdoor cable. According to the characteristics of the low-voltage cable, it bury in the ground.

So you should choose the correct equipment, such as shielded low-voltage cables. Then you can connect all the cables and bury them perfectly in the ground. Of course the best way is to dig 6 inches deep in the ground. Another good option is to dig angled trenches. And it allow for a quick seal.

Lines are in high demand in commercial structures. So installing low voltage cables is becoming more advantageous and economical. And the use of low voltage cables for video and audio equipment is increasingly used by many businesses.

Before installing cables in your facility, select the appropriate low-voltage cable size for your needs. And we are the leading low voltage cable company, please feel free to contact us.


XLPE and PVC are often used as insulation materials for low voltage cables. And cross-linked polyethylene cables are called XLPE cables. In short, low voltage XLPE cables are critical in industries where wire and cable are exposed to: high temperature conditions, liquid hazardous chemicals.

PVC insulated cables are commonly used in low voltage lighting cables for household lamps and electrical installations. So PVC has excellent insulation resistance, good dielectric strength and mechanical durability.

Veri company strictly refers to the international advanced management system. And  it successively pass ISO systems, national industrial product production license, certification and other certificates.

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