VERI Cable produces a variety of overhead electric cables according to different uses, including ABC (aerial bundled cable), AAC, AAAC, ACSR, etc. So our range of overhead lines generally contains aluminum conductors or aluminum alloy conductors. VERI overhead cable can meet all customer needs. We specialize in providing excellent overhead lines for transmission, distribution, and power network industries.

Overhead Electric Cable Type

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Overhead ABC Cable is mainly used for 600V overhead auxiliary power distribution lines. It is not an electrically insulated conductor and is usually regarded as a bare conductor during installation. The conductor is 1350-H19 aluminum wire, 6201-T81 aluminum alloy or ACSR conductor, concentrically stranded wire and polyethylene, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or cross-linked Covered with polyethylene (XLPE) to protect against wind and rain.

STANDARDS&REFERENCES: IEC 60502 / AS / NZS 3599-1 standards

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All Aluminum Conductor(ACC) are widely used in overhead power transmission lines with various voltage levels, because they have such good characteristics as simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance low-cost large transmission capacity, and they are also suitable for laying across rivers and valleys, and the place where special geographical features exist. These conductors are formed by several wires of aluminum, stranded in concentric layers. All the wires have the same nominal diameter. Most common constructions consist of 7, 19, 3 7, and 61 wires.


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All aluminum alloy conductors(AAAC) are made of aluminum-alloy 6201, the wire resistance is significantly reduced, and the current carrying capacity is higher than that of ordinary wires. Used as bare overhead conductor for primary and secondary distribution. The AAAC conductor is designed to get better strength to weight ratio and offer improved electrical properties, excellent sag-tension characteristics, and superior corrosion resistance when compared with ACSR. As compared to a conventional ACSR conductor, the lighter weight, comparable strength & current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses, and superior corrosion resistance have given AAAC a wide acceptance in the distribution and medium & high voltage transmission lines.

AAAC Standard: NFC34-125, BS EN 50183, BS 3242 ASTM B399, AS/NZS 1531, NFC 34-125 IEC 61089, certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001.

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Aluminum Conductor Steel-reinforced, also called ACSR cable, steel Reinforced Aluminum Conductor, is used as a bare overhead transmission conductor and as primary and secondary distribution conductor and messenger support. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

Features of ACSR
1. ACSR cables are available in a range of steel contents ranging from 6% to 40% for additional strength.
2. High mechanical strength, Good conductivity, and Large transmission capacity.
3. Corrosion resistance, High-temperature resistance, Unit volume light.
4. Easy to set up, Simple structure, Convenient installation and maintenance.

Enterprise Basic Situation of VERI Cable

The picture shows the cable tower of the high-voltage overhead cable at sunset.

VERI Cable can offer the proper solution for uncountable applications. And our cable products are widely used in the ranges of the national grid, urban or railway power transportation, substations, solar power plants, etc. And we export to many countries every year because we have a strong presence in the international market. The unremitting pursuit of excellence, innovation, and competitiveness is our belief. Our cable technical team has many experienced engineers, so they can accommodate any custom project need.

To ensure the quality of products, our cable technical team has been producing each product by strict standards. Then we have always adopted systematic quality inspection. Whether it is the selection of the product supply chain or the various inspections before the cable is sold, we will strictly control it.

Veri Cable offers a wide variety of power cables, in more than 100 series, based on trends and personal preferences. And to ensure the cable’s quality, we insist on testing our cable products occasionally. We welcome customized designs and sizes. We will try our best to satisfy your unique requirements

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