Thermocouple cables are used to connect thermocouples to measuring instruments. Therefore, it must be made of the same material as the thermocouple. Otherwise, the extra thermocouple voltage will eventually lead to distorted measurement. The products are mainly used in various temperature measuring devices and have been widely used in nuclear power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, and other sectors.

Veri Cable is the leading manufacturer. Our thermocouple wire products are available in high value-added high-grade stainless steel and special alloys, steel strip-based systems, and industrial heating solutions. We manufacture many Thermocouple wire types. Including k-type thermocouple wire, j-type thermocouple wire, t-type thermocouple wire, etc.

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What is the Thermocouple wire material of The Thermocouple Insulation Cable?

The Primary Factors Affecting Thermocouple Life

Temperature: If the temperature rises by 50 °C, then the thermocouple life will be shortened by about 50%.
Diameter: If the wire diameter doubles, then the thermocouple life will be extended by 2 to 3 times.
Thermal cycling: If the thermocouple is subjected to thermal cycling from room temperature to over 500 °C, then the life of the former will be reduced by about 50% compared to a thermocouple used continuously at the same temperature.
Protection: If the thermocouple is covered with a protective sleeve and placed in a ceramic insulator, then its life will be significantly extended.

Thermocouple Compensation Wire Instructions For Use

Select the thermocouple compensation wire to know the thermocouple compensation wire in the ambient temperature and site mining conditions, according to the site ambient temperature situation to choose the appropriate compensation wire sheath, the general ambient temperature in -25 ~ 105 ℃, choose polyvinyl fluoride sheath, the ambient temperature in -60 ~ 205 ℃, choose polytetrafluoroethylene as compensation wire sheath, and in -60 ~ 260 ℃, choose Polytetrafluoroethylene as a thermocouple compensation wire sheath. So in the selection must pay attention to the site mine situation.

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Notes On Thermocouple Compensation Wire

1. Selection of Thermocouple Compensation Wire

Thermocouple compensation wire must be used according to the type of thermocouple used, and the occasion used to make the correct choice. For example, k-type couples should choose k-type couples compensation wire, according to the use of the occasion, and choose the operating temperature range. Usually, kx working temperature of -20 ~ 100 ℃, a wide range of -25 ~ 200 ℃. The error of the ordinary level is ± 2.5℃, and the precision level is ± 1.5℃.

2. Contact Connection

With the thermocouple terminal 2 joints as close as possible, try to keep the temperature of the two joints the same. Connected with the instrument terminals as much as possible at the same temperature, the instrument cabinet has a fan, and the contact point should be protected from the fan blowing directly to the contact point.

3. Use a Length

Because the thermocouple signal is a very low, microvolts level, if the distance used is too long, the attenuation of the signal and the environment of strong electrical interference coupled, enough to make the signal distortion of the thermocouple, resulting in an inaccurate measurement and control temperature, in control of serious temperature fluctuations.

According to our experience, usually using the thermocouple compensation wire length control within 15 meters is better, if more than 15 meters, it is recommended to use the temperature transmitter for signal transmission. A temperature transmitter is the temperature of the corresponding potential value into DC current transmission, strong anti-interference.

4. Wiring

Armored multicore thermocouple wire or compensation wiring must be away from power lines and interference sources. In places where crossing can not be avoided, also as far as possible use the cross way, not parallel.

5. Shielded Compensation Wire

In order to improve the anti-interference thermocouple connection line, you can use a shielded compensation wire. For the scene with more interference sources, the effect is better. However, the shield must be strictly grounded, otherwise, the shield not only does not play the role of shielding but enhances the interference.

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Thermocouple Compensation Wire Temperature Measurement Principle

The role of the thermocouple compensation wire is to extend the hot electrode that moves the cold end of the thermocouple and display instrumentation connected to form a temperature measurement system. Products are mainly used in a variety of temperature measurement devices and have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, electric power, and other sectors.

Generally speaking, the thermocouple may be tens of meters away from the temperature measurement table. And the cold end of the thermocouple (out of the line end) temperature and temperature measurement table ambient temperature are different (even up to tens of degrees).

If you use ordinary copper wire, according to the thermocouple principle, the wiring will produce a temperature difference potential, which will produce measurement errors.

Long-distance transmission wire pressure drop problem, because the temperature meter input impedance is high. The temperature difference potential generated by the thermocouple (millivolt level) transmission current (micro-A level) is very small, and the pressure drop loss on the wire is very small, in general, within the error range. So there are thermocouple transmitters, input thermocouple signal, and output 4-20ma so that you can do not want to compensate for the wire, you can also be transmitted over long distances.

If the use of compensation wire (must match the thermocouple index number), is selected metal material and can produce the smallest possible temperature difference potential at the wiring to minimize the temperature measurement error. In other words, the cold end of the thermocouple is moved to the temperature measurement table.

Transportation with Professional Service

As Thermocouple wire manufacturers, Veri Cable has multiple ways to protect your cables, with sturdy and professional shipping packaging and comprehensive insurance. Before shipping, our cables are packaged in wooden reels and corrugated box coils. During transportation, to protect the cable ends from moisture, we seal them with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic.

If there are quality problems such as damaged packaging and product surface damage on the spot when the goods are received, if the goods are confirmed to be true, the goods do not match the order, and the quality problems found by the customer during the installation, laying and use process are confirmed to be the quality problems of the product itself, If the delivery is not in accordance with the contract requirements, please contact our company directly.

All of the above are available at the best Thermocouple wire price, please contact us.

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