Veri manufactured power cable, not only low engineering cost, easy construction, and high security and easy maintenance, which ADSS fiber optic cable only need to be added to the completed high-voltage transmission tower can be normal use, saving the amount of engineering at the same time also save engineering costs.

In addition, our company also produces various other types of fiber optic cable, submarine fiber optic cable, direct buried fiber optic cable, etc. As long as there is a demand, we can meet your requirements, so welcome you to contact us.

ADSS Cable

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS fiber optic cable adopts loose-layer twisted structure, the optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high-modulus polyester material, and the tube is filled with waterproof compound.

The non-metallic central reinforcing rib (FRP) strand into a compact cable core, and the gaps in the cable core fill with water-blocking grease.

The inner sheath of polyethylene (PE) isextrud outside the cable core, then two layers of aramid yarn for reinforcement twist in both directions, and finally a polyethylene (PE) sheath or an anti-corrosion (AT) sheath extrud.

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Features of ADSS Optic Fiber

  1. It does not require a separate tower because it can installon the same tower as the power lines.
  2. The construction can carry out without power outage, because the failure of the power line will not affect the normal transmission of the optical cable.
  3. Non-metallic structure, so good insulation performance and lightning protection.
  4. The production process is sophisticated, the aramid yarn is evenly stressed and has excellent stress-strain performance.
  5. The cable diameter is small, the weight is light, the span can reach 1500M, and the additional load to the tower is low.
  6. The tensile strength is large, which can exceed 90KN, and the anti-electric corrosion performance is good.
  7. It has excellent anti-strike performance and can adapt to harsh climatic conditions.

Application of ADSS Optical Cable

  1. The design of ADSS optical cablefully considers the actual situation of the power line and is suitable for high-voltage transmission lines of different grades. Polyethylene (PE) sheaths are available for 10KV and 35KV power lines.
  2. For 110KV and 220KV power lines, it is necessary to determine the hanging point of the optical cableby calculating the electric field intensity distribution and use the tracking-resistant (AT) outer sheath.
  3. The amount of aramid fiber and the perfect stranding process are carefully designed to meet the application requirements of different spans.

OPLC Photoelectric Composite Fiber Optic Cable

Photoelectric composite cable (OPLC) is to place the protected optical fiber unit in the power cable, which can be used in power systems with rated voltage of 0.6/1KV and below. It integrates optical fiber, transmission copper wire, and copper signal wire. Broadband access, equipment power consumption, emergency signal transmission and other issues.

In addition, it can also be customized according to customer needs. Due to the diversity of access methods and the complexity of the use environment, manufacturers can also customize according to customer requirements, according to different voltages, different fiber cores, and different structures to ensure the safety and reliability of the network.

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Features of OPLC Optical Cable

  1. Cost-effective, integrates optical fiberand power transmission and distribution cables, avoids secondary wiring, and can effectively reduce construction, network construction and other costs.
  2. Applicable to a variety of business types, strong adaptability, strong scalability, and wide product adaptability.
  3. The optical unit is compatible with the long-term working temperature of the power cable.
  4. It has strong mechanical properties, such as impact resistance and good pressure resistance, and has strong environmental adaptability.

Application of OPLC Optical Cable

Photoelectric composite cables are generally used in 0.6/1KV low-voltage systems, so they are mostly used for IPTV, Internet access, multimedia telephones, voice communications, home smart meters, etc., as well as the connection of optical communication equipment rooms, optical distribution frames, instrumentation and other equipment.

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