Veri fiber optic cables are generally lighter and less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, but fiber optic cables tend to be more fragile than cables with metal conductors. Applications for fiber optic cables(ADSS cable and OPGW cable) range from up to millions of calls per cable to high-speed data transfer for large computer networks. With thirty’s year’s of experience in cable products, we can provide the best quality and competitive price for you. Welcome to contact us in your free time.

ADSS cable

ADSS Fiber Optic Cable

ADSS fiber optic cable adopts a loose-layer twisted structure, the optical fiber is sheathed in a loose tube made of high-modulus polyester material, and the tube is filled with a waterproof compound.

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The optical fiber is laid on the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line, and the optical fiber communication network is formed on the transmission line. This structure has the dual function of ground wire and communication and is generally called OPGW fiber optic cable.

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Fiber-to-the-home is a transmission method for fiber-optic communications. Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network units (ONU) for home users or enterprise users. It is the optical access network application type closest to users in the optical access series except for FTTD (fiber to the desktop).

The significant technical feature of FTTH is that it not only provides greater bandwidth, but also enhances the transparency of the network to data formats, rates, wavelengths and protocols, relaxes the requirements for environmental conditions and power supply, and simplifies maintenance and installation. Our company now sells the following types of FTTH optical cables:

FTTH indoor and outdoor optical cables,

GYFXY non-metallic flat leather optic cable

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   OPPC Fiber Optic Cable

OPPC optical cable (Optical phase Conductor, OPPC for short). It is a new type of special optical cable for power communication systems. When used in power distribution network systems, it can avoid conflicts with the outside world in terms of frequency resources, routing coordination, and electromagnetic compatibility. It is a new type of optical cable with dual functions of power transmission and communication. Mainly used for voltage levels below 110kV, suburban power distribution network, rural power grid.

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Aerial fiber optic cables are erected on poles high above the ground. Compared with underground cables, the construction cost of overhead cables is low and the construction is simple. It is widely used in the suburbs where the area is far away and the flow of people is small, and it is also widely used in places where it is difficult to lay underground cables. 

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Direct buried optical cable is a communication optical cable laying method. This kind of optical cable is armored with a steel tape or steel wire on the outside and is directly buried in the ground. It is required to have the performance of resisting external mechanical damage and the performance of preventing soil corrosion.

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Power optical cables are all kinds of composite cables and special optical cables used in power systems that take into account both power transmission and information communication.

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Photoelectric composite fiber optic cable refers to a new type of access method suitable for transmission lines in broadband access network systems. It integrates optical fibers and copper wires for power transmission, and can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption, and signal transmission.

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Mine optical cable is flame retardant communication optical cable for coal mine or flame retardant communication optical cable for coal mine, referred to as mine optical cable, coal mine optical cable or coal optical cable, and its model is MGTSV.  

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Special optical cables are optical cables with special purposes. At present, our company sells the following two types of special optical cables:

GYXTC8S Figure 8 Aerial Optical Cable (Central Tube Type)

GYTC8S Figure 8 Aerial Optical Cable (Layer Stranded)

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Our Excellent Service of Veri Cable

Export Experience

As a professional cable manufacturer, our cable products have been exported to many countries in the past 30 years, including the USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, etc. In these countries, our cable products are very popular with customers. And every year, because of our good quality and service, we would receive many good feedback from our customers.

Customized Cable Service

Our range of custom services includes design, size, and surface color. Many popular colors are also available for you to choose. We also specialize in over-sheathing, for example, we can make custom Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (PUR) according to your requirements. We can provide solutions based on your ideas. Please contact us to give us your idea.

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