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The company’s products cover four categories of power cables, electrical equipment wire and cable, communication cable and bare wire. Power cables up to 500kV, AAC, ACSR, AAAC, ABC cable, Conductor, electric wires, instrument cable, telecommunications cable, Stay wires.  submarine cable , overhead insulated cables, overhead conductors, aerospace, mining cable, marine cable, fiber optic cable, control cables. Products are widely used in water conservancy, electric power, domestic outfit, rail transportation, construction, aerospace, new energy, communications, vessels, intelligent equipment, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, port machinery, Marine engineering and industrial and mining and other fields, and exported to Australia, Germany, the United States, the Philippines, Mongolia, Singapore, Yemen, UAE and so on more than 50 countries and regions.


VERI CABLE established on March 18, 1990, is one of the leading enterprises of power cable products in China. The factory covers an area of 45,000 square meters, with a production building area of more than 20,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 30 billion US dollars. We have introduced advanced types of equipment at home and abroad, and have purchased more than 3,000 sets of advanced production and testing equipment at home and overseas with the courage of innovation and technological transformation. There are nearly 500 employees, including 180 middle and senior technicians.

1990 EST.

34 years of experience in cable production and perfect sales service.

183 Countries

We produce high quality cables that have been sold to 180+ countries and regions around the world.

45000 ㎡

The cable factory covers an area of 45,000 square meters and is fully equipped.

500 Teams

The production team reaches more than five hundred people, available for one-on-one service.

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With experience in selling cables to many countries worldwide, VERI Cable understands the process of country logistics, customer reception, inspection, and shipment, and can provide one-on-one customer service throughout the entire process. Trust us, we are a team of professionals.

Enterprise mission: to be the mainstay of the national wire and cable manufacturing industry. Core values: quality, integrity, innovation, people-oriented, environmental protection, brand. Corporate vision: to become a domestic first-class wire and cable manufacturing enterprise, to provide users with one-stop service.

VERI cable produces all kinds of wires and cables in strict accordance with international standards (BS, JIS, VDE, TUV, IEC) and customer’s requirements. ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO50001 Energy Management System, etc., and has been honored with the title of National Green Factory.

The qualified rate of finished product inspection at one time is ≥98%, and it will increase to 99% in three years. Each department related to quality should be decomposed according to the overall goal of the factory and transformed into the specific work goals of the department. Scientific management, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, zero product defect. Continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Our company’s services cover the process from the production of goods to their inspection, delivery, and transportation. Regarding the packing of goods, we also have very skilled experience and will pack according to the specific requirements of customers. VERI cable produces all cables with product specifications can accept customized services, welcome to ask us for quotations.

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