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VERI Cables specializes in designing and supplying a wide range of airport lighting cables for safety and system stability at airports, including runway lighting system cables for aircraft during takeoff and landing, large space transmission and equipment distribution cables, and wires for airport construction. These cable models have passed strict resistance and quality tests so you can choose confidently. This page will introduce you to the hot models of airport lighting cables, and with complete technical information you can contact us anytime.

FAA L-824 Airfield Ground Lighting Cable (AGL)

Cables of type FAA-L824 are generally categorized as type A, B, and C, structurally ambient with and without metal shielding, all with XLPE insulation, generally single conductor low voltage power cables, with a universal rated voltage of 600V, 2kV, or 5kV depending on the application scenario. The maximum operating temperature is +90°C. The size of these lighting cables manufactured by VERI Cables is strictly controlled and determined by the material and the specific application. The maximum operating temperature is +90°C. VERI Cables produces these lighting cables in tightly controlled sizes, determined by the material, the construction layer, and the specific application. For additional support with cable selection, please contact our team.

CONDUCTORS: Stranded soft drawn bare copper conductor per ASTM B-3 & B-8.
STANDARDS: ETL Certified, ICEA S-96-659, NEMA WC71

APPLICATION: Airport Lighting Cables are suitable for FAA Type L-824 C and Airport Type L-824 underground lighting circuits and are typically installed in conduits, ducts, and overhead lines, and are also well suited for direct underground burial. It can also be used in non-UL applications and can withstand voltages up to 5000 volts.

VERI Cables’ factory technical engineering team has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and supply of airport lighting cables, having been involved in the infrastructure of several airport projects in China and abroad. We also provide relevant transmission cable accessories to guide AGL installations and create perfectly smooth transmission lines to ensure the highest level of safety. Please feel free to contact us about your project and specific cable requirements.

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RG7H1R Lighting Cable

RG7H1R cables also belong to the category of PVC-insulated, rubber-sheathed cables suitable for airport lighting equipment supplying power to runway, taxiway, and apron lights, as well as navigational and obstacle aids. These cables, manufactured by VERI in compliance with the CPR standard, are also widely used in European fixed cabling that is either run or terminated within a structure.

Conductor: red copper, rigid, class 2.
Inner sheath: semi-conducting material.
Insulation: HEPR has G7 quality.
Outer layer: semi-conducting layer, special high module HEPR.
Shield: red copper wire.
Outer sheath: PVC material of RZ/ST2 quality.
Color: red.

STANDARD: CEI 20-13, IEC 60502, CEI 20-16, CEI EN 60332-1-2 (IEC 60840 for 26/45 kV).

APPLICATION: This cable is suitable for the transportation of energy between substations and large users. There is no problem if it is left for free-hanging or installed in a pipe or channel. Laying underground is not recommended.

RG7H1R cables are generally single-core, with a conductor cross-section of 16mm, other sizes are available on request. It is a distribution cable with a rated voltage of 3.6/6kV and complies with the regulations for airport transmission installations. If your project is unique or requires materials for specific environments, please feel free to contact our factory team to discuss.

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FL2XCY&FLYCY Lighting Cable

FL2XCY and FL2XCYRY with PVC and XLPE insulation are used in medium voltage power lighting systems for primary and secondary series circuits in airport lighting, with rated voltages ranging from 2Kv to 10kV, with conductors made of copper and shielded with copper tape. We promise that this type of cable manufactured by VERI Cables is robustly flame retardant, oil resistant, and UV resistant. These cables are also highly impact and weather resistant considering the environment in which this type of airfield cable is installed.

Maximum Conductor Temperature: 90℃
Short Circuit Temperature: 250℃
Operating Temperatures: -40℃~+90℃
Minimum Bending Radius: 15×OD
Flame Retardant: Yes
Oil Resistant: Yes

FL2XCY and FLYCY single core airport cables are usually standard with relatively small copper conductors from 6mm size upwards and are often used for critical cabling of airport lighting equipment, as well as for connecting series circuits between constant current regulators and isolation transformers, and series circuits between isolation transformers. If you need a larger size or alternative voltage, be sure to contact us. See our FAA L-824 certified cable series for other models.

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Quality Certification
The products manufactured by VERI Cables comply with international standards such as GB, IEC, BS, NFC, ASTM, DIN, etc. Moreover, our technical team can provide cable customization services for your needs.

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VERI provides free professional cable consulting services, one-stop project solution services, and fast product delivery solutions.

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VERI Cables’ initial goal is to ensure fast and safe delivery of products while also providing the best packaging and transportation solutions to reduce customers’ transportation costs greatly.

Cable Packaging
VERI cable packaging is supplied in wooden reels, corrugated boxes, and coils. The ends are sealed with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture. We can print the required logo on the outside of the drums with waterproof material as per the customer’s requirement.

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