Understanding Three-Phase Cables: Features and Applications

In the realm of electrical engineering, the term “three-phase cable” holds significant importance. It is a crucial component in power distribution systems, industrial applications, and various other domains where a reliable and efficient supply of electricity is paramount. In this essay, ZMS vericable will explore what three-phase cables are, delve into their distinctive features, and … Read more

ChatGPT’s Interesting Questions and Answers about the Cable Intelligence!

At the beginning of 2023, the wave of generative AI detonated by ChatGPT swept the world, and the ability of human beings to use tools reached a new height. Time comes to 2024, with the rapid development of science and technology, intelligence has penetrated all aspects of human life, from the smallest to the intelligence … Read more


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Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Laying Technology is Full of Damage Repair Process is Equally Shocking

Repairing damage to submarine cables requires first determining the approximate location of the damage by transmitting signals from both ends of the cable.

Underwater fiber optic cable once damaged repair, how difficult you understand? Cutting the fiber optic cable if the water will cause secondary damage?   Underwater Fiber Optic Cable Internal Basic Structure The outer layer of underwater fiber optic cable is polyethylene layer, aluminum waterproof layer, polycarbonate layer, copper or aluminum tube, paraffin wax, fiber optic … Read more

Is Optical Hybrid Cable an optical fiber or a cable?

Fiber Optic Hybrid Cables First and Second Generation Comparison

Optical hybrid cable is a hybrid form of cable that integrates fiber optics and conductive copper wires, which can solve the problems of data transmission and device power supply at the same time with a single cable. In larger campus networks, fiber optic hybrid cables are mainly used to complete the connection between the switch … Read more

How to Prevent Copper Core Cable Failure and Choose the Right Cable for Your Home?

Many types of copper core cable structure

Copper core cable play an important role in fields such as power transmission and communication. However, in actual use, the cables may have faults that affect their normal operation.   Common types of copper core cable faults Short Circuit A short circuit is a low-impedance connection that occurs between two or more conductors of a … Read more

How to choose instrumentation cable quickly and accurately? Bookmark this article!

The most common types of instrumentation cables

Instrumentation cable is what we often call control cable, suitable for signal transmission and control lines in other electrical equipment such as instrumentation instruments.   Structure of Instrumentation Cable Cable Conductor Stranded conductors can improve the flexibility of the conductor and flexibility, easy wiring installation. When stranded conductors are used in vibration situations, the service … Read more

An article that takes you through the options for armored undersea cables! Favorite!

The process of laying submarine armored cables.

Underwater Submarine Armored Cables dominate the international transmission of voice calls and data traffic. This is mainly because such submarine cables have the advantage of high reliability, security, and capacity offered on major routes as well as cost-effectiveness. If you are struggling with your submarine cable choices and orders, then you can read this article … Read more