Top 5 Commonly used electrical cable types in today’s world! Bookmark it!

The picture shows common flame retardant cables

You’re no stranger to cables. Even if you don’t work in the electrical industry, you’ve seen a wide variety of wires and cables on the street and even while charging your cell phone. There are so many types of cables and a wide variety of models, have you ever learned about the six most commonly … Read more

What’s difference between armored power cable and normal cable?

This is the most common type of steel belt armored cable.

What is an armored power cable, and what is a non-armored cable? As commonly used cables, what is the difference between them? The following ZMS cable editorial gives you a detailed introduction to armored cable and non-armored cable, and what are the differences between them. Armored cable and non-armored cable Armored power cable It is … Read more

What is the classification of cables and how to name and cable purchase?

This is the most common combination of high voltage cables.

ZMS cable editorial comprehensively organized the cable classification and naming representation, but also made a detailed introduction to the cable classification, to help you have a better understanding of the cable purchase. The focus of this article has the following three modules. 1 A general introduction to the cable naming rules and classification. 2 Communication … Read more

What are the characteristics and uses of mineral-insulated cable?

Mineral insulated cables are robust and durable

Mineral insulated cable is what cable mineral insulated cable is referred to as MI cable, used as wiring, the domestic custom is called magnesium oxide cable or fireproof cable. It is by the mineral material magnesium oxide powder as insulation copper core copper sheath cable, mineral insulated cable by the copper conductor, magnesium oxide, copper … Read more

The Benefits Of Using The Control Cable

control cable

Should you be a contractor, or maybe you possess a huge industrial business, chances are that you apply control cables. The control cable directly transmits electrical energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment and appliances. There are some advantages to having these cables. Here’s … Read more