Industrial equipment cables are versatile and diverse and are mostly of the type with a large cross-sectional area or volume. Including single-core wire and cable, rubber cables, shielded control cables, flame-retardant cables, fire-resistant cables, and so on. But from the use of division, but also divided into mining cables, offshore cables or ship cables, construction engineering cables, etc. VERI Cable engaged in the production of industrial equipment cables for more than thirty years, is currently in China and belongs to the leading cable production and sales company, our customers are located in many countries around the world, with a wealth of experience in sales and customer docking. We promise full qualification of cables and timely delivery.

Industrial building cables are the bridge that bridges the development of the whole society, people’s daily life, work, and entertainment can not be separated from the rise and growth of industrial cables.VERI Cables, as a leader engaged in the electric power industry for more than thirty years, is very honored to cooperate with the major cable enterprise projects, supplying high-quality qualified cables, we also have a strong sense of social responsibility, to contribute to the construction of a more efficient social informatization.

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