The main conductors of HTLS are as follows: TACSR, GTASCR, ZTACIR, ACSS, ACCC, and ACCR. So this type of conductor consists of a steel core with high mechanical strength. And the outer layers of different aluminum wires wrapped around the core. ACSS conductor core wire is steel wire, and the outer layer is wrapped by aluminum wire. Aluminum Conductor Composite Core—ACCC is a concentric-stranded conductor. ACCC conductors then use a carbon fiber core. They are stronger and lighter than traditional steel cores. So, please contact us for more information on HTLS cables.

Classification of HTLS Cables

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VERI ACSS cables are known as Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS). ACSS is constructed similarly to ACSR, but with a higher percentage of aluminum conductors for better conductivity and less bending. ACSS is suitable for use in long-distance transmission and distribution lines. ACSS is made from soft aluminum, like annealed aluminum. ACSS bare overhead conductors are used to upgrade existing transmission lines. Then, the new construction projects increase electrical load current and enhance system reliability. 

accc cable
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VERI carbon fiber composite core conductor (ACCC) is a new type of conductor for overhead transmission lines, light weight, stretch resistance, good thermal stability, small relaxation, strong current throughput capacity per unit area and corrosion resistance are its outstanding features. Especially suitable for the company site coastal, mining areas with high corrosion intensity, high dirt intensity, conductor easy to dance the use of the environment. Can meet the construction of resource-saving, environmentally friendly power grid requirements, in the county-level power grid in the transmission line has a good application prospect.

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ACCR Cable

ACCR is made by using alumina ceramic fiber (alumina Al2O3) as the reinforcing core and winding aluminum-zirconium alloy wire (Al-Zr) on the outside. Both the composite core and the outer aluminum alloy wire serve to increase mechanical strength and electrical conductivity. Due to the use of proprietary technology, the implantation of ceramic fibers in the pure aluminum conductor to enhance its mechanical strength, so that its electrical characteristics equivalent to a pure aluminum conductor, but the quality of only about half of the steel-core aluminum stranded wire, and its transmission capacity can be up to three times that of steel-core aluminum stranded wire.

Enterprise Basic Situation of VERI Cable

Veri Cable can offer the proper solution for uncountable applications. And our cable products are widely used for the ranges of national grid, urban/railway power transportation, substations, solar power plants, etc.  And with a strong presence in the international market, we export submarine cable, coaxial cable, special cable, fiber optical, and overhead cable to many countries every year.

The unremitting pursuit of excellence, innovation, and competitiveness is our belief. And our cable technical team has many experienced engineers, who can accommodate any custom project need. In order to ensure the quality of products. So our cable technical team has been producing each product in accordance with strict standards. In addition, we have always adopted quality inspection. Also, it is the selection of the product supply chain or the various inspections before the cable is sold. But we will strictly control it.

Veri Cable offers a wide variety of power cables, more than 100 series according to trends and personal preferences. To make sure the quality of the cables, we insist on testing our products once in a while. We welcome customized designs and sizes. Because we will try our best to satisfy your unique requirements.

Excellent Service of VERI Cable

Veri Cable has multiple ways to protect your cables, with sturdy and professional shipping packaging and comprehensive insurance. Before shipping, our cables are packaged in wooden reels and corrugated box coils. During transportation, to protect the cable ends from moisture, we seal them with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic.

If there are quality problems such as damaged packaging and product surface damage on the spot when the goods are received, if the goods are confirmed to be true, the goods do not match the order, and the quality problems found by the customer during the installation, laying and use process are confirmed to be the quality problems of the product itself, If the delivery is not in accordance with the contract requirements, please contact our company directly.

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