Coaxial cable

Veri Cable mainly produce and export coaxial cable, which is well-known for a variety of different types of cable product. Such as power cable, voltage cable, control cable, airport lighting cable, submarine cable, and so on. Coaxial cable, sometimes known as coaxial aerial cable, is an electrical cable that transmits radio frequency signals from one point to another.

Coaxial cables are very durable and easy to install and are primarily used to connect satellite dish installations to homes and businesses.

Coaxial wire is a type of copper cable specially built with a metal shield and other components engineered to block signal interference.

It is primarily used by cable TV companies to connect their satellite antenna facilities to customers homes and businesses. Veri Cable can produce or customize cables that meet international standards such as MIL-C-17F, MIL-C-17G, etc.

There are numerous types of coaxial cables, some types include: RG 58 CU coaxial cable, RG6 coaxial cable, etc. We can provide other voltage ratings and sizes upon request.

As a professional coaxial cable supplier, we will make full use of advanced technology to provide customers for electrical cables and coaxial cables. For more information, please send your detailed requirements and contact us directly.

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Types of Veri Coaxial Cable

RG58 Coaxial cable

RG 58 CU Coaxial Cable

RG 58 CU is a high-quality coaxial cable, suitable for many applications, including low-power video, video signal, and broadband signals.

Different types of coaxial cables, vary by gauge and impedance. The thickness of the cable is measured by the radio waveguide measurement or RG number.

The higher the RG number, the thinner the center conductor core. And the RG 58 coaxial cables are used for low-loss and low-interference data and signal transmission.

rg58 coaxial cable


In the home and small offices, coaxial cables are used for cable television, home video equipment, amateur radio equipment and measuring devices.

For indoor installation as well as in industrial areas in conduits and cable ducts, for transmission of high frequency signals and power.

RG58 is a flexible and advantageous coaxial cable for many applications. This series complies with standard MIL C 17.

  • Conductor Material: Tinned copper
  • Conductor Type: Fine wired stranded
  • Insulation Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Black or as your requirements
  • Sheath:PVC
RG 6 Coaxial cable

RG6 Coaxial Cable

RG6 coaxial cable is a common type of coaxial cable used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications.

Veri RG6 coaxial cables provide excellent electrical performance to meet all requirements for broadband and computer networking applications. RG6 cables typically are fitted with various types of connector at each end.

In addition to this, the other type of coaxial cables are also used in automobiles, aircraft, military and medical equipment, as well as connecting satellite dishes, radio and TV antennas to their respective receivers.

rg6 coxial cable


The RG-6 is available in three different types, designed for a variety of applications. The first is designed for indoor or outdoor house wiring, for underground conduit or direct burial.

The second may incorporate some waterproofing, adding steel slings along its length to withstand the tension involved when a utility pole is dropped in the air.

The third is with a special Teflon outer sheath designed for ventilation ducts to meet fire codes.

  • Conductor Material: Tinned copper
  • Conductor Type: Fine wired stranded
  • Insulation Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Black or as your requestment
  • Sheath:PVC

The Types of Coaxial Cable Include:

RG6 cables are commonly used in satellite TV and cable modems and also have a copper center conductor.

RG6 cables are used with high bandwidth and high frequency hardware, allowing internet and satellite signals to operate at higher frequencies than traditional analog video.

Most of the time, what cable an individual might need depends on the frequency. Above 50 MHz, individuals should use RG6 cable.

Hardwire coaxial cables rely on a combination of round copper tubing and a metal, such as aluminum or copper, for the shield. These cables are typically used to connect the transmitter to the antenna.

Triaxial cables have a grounded third shield to protect the signals traveling along the cable.

Rigid coaxial cables consist of twin copper tubes that act as unbendable conduits. These lines are designed for indoor use between high power radio frequency transmitters.

Radiating cables mimic many of the components of hardwired cables, but with tuning slots in the shield that match the RF wavelengths at which the cable operates. Commonly used in elevators, military equipment and underground tunnels.

Transportation with Professional Service

Veri cable supplier has multiple ways to protect your cables with sturdy and professional shipping packaging and comprehensive insurance. Before shipping, our cables are packaged in wooden reels, and corrugated box coils.

During transportation, to protect the cable ends from moisture, we seal with BOPP self-adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic.

Of course, we will send you the pictures during production and packaging. And we will deliver each order strictly according to the delivery time to ensure the smooth progress of the customer’s project.

We have established a complete after-sales service system, and through the sales staff and technical support all over the world, we have properly adopted customer requirements and strived to efficiently handle optical cable-related issues.

Our service team promises to respond within 24 hours, resolve customer service requests within 48 hours, and respond to customer needs at any time.

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