opgw cable

OPGW Photoelectric Composite Optic Cable

The optical fiber is laid on the ground wire of the overhead high-voltage transmission line, and the optical fiber communication network is formed on the transmission line. This structure has the dual function of ground wire and communication, and is generally called OPGW fiber optic cable.

Optical fibers are resistant to electromagnetic interference and light weight, and can be installed on top of transmission line towers without considering the optimal installation location and electromagnetic corrosion. So, OPGW has the characteristics of high reliability, superior mechanical properties, and low cost. This technology is particularly useful and economical when laying or replacing existing ground wires.

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Features of OPGW Optical Cable

  1. 110KV and above high-voltage lines. Large span (generally greater than 250M).
  2. It is easy to maintain, easy to solve the problem of crossover lines, and its mechanical properties can meet the needs of large-span lines.
  3. OPGW optic cable adopts metal armor, which has no effect on high pressure corrosion and aging.
  4. OPGW optic cable must be powered off during the construction process, and the power loss is large. OPGW should be used for new high-voltage lines above 110KV.
  5. In the performance index of OPGW, the larger the short-circuit current is, the more good conductors need to be used as armor, and the tensile strength is also reduced. In the case of a certain tensile strength, the short-circuit current capacity should be increased. Simply increasing the metal cross-sectional area results in an increase in cable diameter and cable weight, creating safety concerns for pylon strength.

Application of OPGW Optical Cable

Urban Construction

OPLC Photoelectric Composite Fiber Optic Cable

Photoelectric composite cable (OPLC) is to place the protected optical fiber unit in the power cable, which can be used in power systems with rated voltage of 0.6/1KV and below. It integrates optical fiber, transmission copper wire, and copper signal wire. Broadband access, equipment power consumption, emergency signal transmission and other issues.

In addition, it can also be customized according to customer needs. Due to the diversity of access methods and the complexity of the use environment, manufacturers can also customize according to customer requirements, according to different voltages, different fiber cores, and different structures to ensure the safety and reliability of the network.

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Features of OPLC Optic Fiber

  1. Cost-effective, integrates optical fiberand power transmission and distribution cables, avoids secondary wiring, and can effectively reduce construction, network construction and other costs.
  2. Applicable to a variety of business types, strong adaptability, strong scalability, and wide product adaptability.
  3. The optical unit is compatible with the long-term working temperature of the power cable.
  4. It has strong mechanical properties, such as impact resistance and good pressure resistance, and has strong environmental adaptability.

Application of OPGW Optical Cable

Urban Construction

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