MICC Cable

MICC cables are also named mineral-insulated copper-clad cables. It is a kind of cable that uses annealed copper as a conductor, dense magnesium oxide as insulation, and annealed copper tube as a sheath. When necessary, a plastic outer sheath is extruded into the annealed copper sheath. Special requirements are smoke-free and halogen-free occasions. A low-smoke, halogen-free sheath can be added to the outside.
Since all materials of these cables are made of inorganic materials, it has some advantages that other cables cannot have. Such as fire prevention, large current carrying capacity, mechanical damage resistance, halogen-free non-toxic, explosion-proof, waterproof, corrosion resistance, long life, safety, overload resistance, high-temperature resistance, low cost, small bending radius, anti-termite, anti-mouse bite, copper protection features such as protective grounding wire.

Types of Mineral Insulated Cable

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BBTRZ Fire-Proof Mineral Insulated Electrical 4 Cores Cable

BBTRZ is a flexible mineral insulated cable, commonly known as fireproof cable. It can withstand burning for 3 hours at a flame temperature of 950 degrees and a voltage of 1000V without breakdown. BBTRZ cable is the second generation product of mineral cable. In addition to the advantages of fire protection, explosion proof, temperature resistance and large carrying capacity of the first generation rigid (hard) mineral cable, It also has many unique features.

  • High purified oxygen-free copper
  • Low resistance high conductivity
  • Safety assurance
  • Meet various standards
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3mm 6mm Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Wire

Mineral insulation is used to insulate thermocouple wires from each other and from the surrounding metal probe sheath. The sheath is filled with a highly compacted magnesium oxide powder that prevents the wires from coming into contact with each other beyond the fixed junction. The high density of the mineral powder gives the thermocouple fast response because it promotes rapid heat transfer between the wires and the sheath. Mineral insulation also helps protect thermocouple wires from environmental damage such as corrosion, prevents electrical interference, and allows the cable to remain flexible while maintaining its mechanical strength.

Type K mineral insulated thermocouples (Nichrome/Nickel Aluminum) are the most common type of thermocouple, offering accuracy and flexibility over a wide range of temperatures.

Cable Construction Specifications:

Conductor material
NiCr-NiSi, NiCrSi-NiSi, NiCr-Konstantan, Fe-Konstantan, Cu-Konstantan
Core number
2, 4 or 6 cores
Sheath material
SS321(SS304), SS316, SS310, INCL600
99.6% high purity MgO
from 0.25mm to 12.7mm
connecting with thermocouple and instrument machine
Working temperature (deg)
Long Term
Short Term
±1.5 deg
GB/T 2614-1998
±2.5 deg
±1.5 deg
GB/T 4993-1998
±2.5 deg
±1.5 deg
GB/T 4994-1998
±2.5 deg
±0.5 deg
GB/T 2903-1998

Cable Application Parameters:

ZMS MICC Cable Advantages

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  • 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper
    1 Refined pure oxygen-free copper, low resistance
    2 Good electrical conductivity, safe and power saving
  • Low Eccentricity
    1 Uniform thickness, prevent breakdown
    2 Safety guarantee
  • Complete Specifications
    1 Complete specifications complete product models
    2 Can be tailored to meet your needs
  • Excellent Fire Resistance
    ZMS MICC fire resistance not only meets the requirements of GB/T 19216 (750°C/90 min) but also meets the requirements of BS6387.
    Such as pure fire (950°C, 180 min), water spray fire resistance test (pure fire 650°C, 15 min and 650°C water spray 15 min), and mechanical impact fire resistance test (950°C, 15 min).

And we have a wide range of mineral insulated cable models. For example, YJV 1 core, YJV 2 cores, YJV 4+1 cores, YJV 3+1 cores, YJV 4 cores, YJV 5 cores, etc.

Main Application Places of MICC Cables

  • Public buildings: Public entertainment venues, high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, large shopping malls, stations, airports, ports, and other places with a large flow of people.
  • High-temperature places: Micc cable is used for transmission and distribution lines in the metallurgical industry, coke industry, shipbuilding factory, steel industry, glass industry, and other high-temperature occasions.
  • Dangerous places: Petrochemical industry, oil refinery, gas station, paint, and paint industry, chemical industry, nuclear power plant, natural gas, mining, and other places.
  • Underground places: Subways, underground warehouses, tunnels, underground squares, etc.

Related Accessories For MICC Cable

MICC Cable Termination

An intact end installed at the end of a mineral insulated cable, usually including a cap and a stuffing box or a combined end/stuffing box. Each cable requires a terminal.

Ground Lug

When the copper sheath of the cable is used for grounding or the grounding of other electrical equipment connected with the copper sheath of the cable, a grounding sheet is required.

Terminal Blocks

Used to connect conductors and control cabinet terminals or power supplies. It is composed of a press-fit nut, a press-fit oblique block, and a terminal body. There are two types of terminal blocks. One is the press-fit terminal block, which is suitable for connecting cables above 35mm2. Second, the crimping terminal is suitable for the connection of 6-25mm2 cables. Small size cables 4mm2 and below can be without terminal blocks.

Intermediate Connector Accessories

When the cable length is not long enough, it is necessary to use the intermediate connector accessory. It is a device that connects two cables of the same specification into one cable. Cable does not need, heat shrinkable tubing, intermediate connecting terminal, fireproof porcelain column.

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