Why do Fiber Optic Cable Lines Fail?

fiber cable

Optical cable is a certain number of optical fibers form a cable core according to a certain method. Optical fiber cable is covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission.

The integrated wiring project is a relatively complex project, so it is impossible to ensure zero errors and zero faults in the construction of the project. However, it is relatively easy to minimize the faults and mistakes of the integrated wiring project. There are four major reasons for the failure of communication fiber optic cable lines.

Lightning Strike
The armored components of the optical cable are all metal conductors. If the power line is short-circuited or the lightning strikes the metal parts, a strong current will be generated to destroy the optical cable line equipment, and even serious casualties may occur.

Poor Insulation of Optical Cables
The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of cable core, reinforcing steel wire, filler and sheath, etc. Besides, there are waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal wire and other components as needed.

If the communication optical cable line is not insulated well, the operating strength will be greatly reduced. Due to stress corrosion and static fatigue after the splice box enters the water or is wet, and the optical cable will break in severe cases.

Fault at the Line Connector
Faults are most likely to occur at the line joints. Because the optical fibers no longer have the protection power to the original optical cable structure at the joints. So the daily operation and protection work can only be carried out by relying on the joint box. The probability of failure is greatly increased.

External Influence
Line faults are often caused from external forces. Since many communication optical cable lines are laid in the field, so the optical cable line could avoid effectively because of the damage of many external factors.

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