Analysis of the Importance of Submarine Cables from the Norwegian Submarine Cable Rupture Event

Submarine cable breaks in Norway The submarine cable is composed of polyethylene layer, polyester resin, aluminum tube, paraffin fiber bundle and other materials. Submarine cables play an important role in our life today. After the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, the Norwegian Armed forces deployed F-35 fighter jets, as did the UK, France and Germany! From … Read more

Spain Reaches 13.2 Million Fiber Optic Lines

Fiber To The Home

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) lines in Spain have exceeded 13.2 million in June. This is an increase of 66,894 lines compared to May. According to the latest data published by the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) regarding the telecommunications market, the number of fiber optic lines in Spain has increased by 1.1 million compared to … Read more

Why do Fiber Optic Cable Lines Fail?

opgw cable

Optical cable is a certain number of optical fibers form a cable core according to a certain method. Optical fiber cable is covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission. The integrated wiring project is a relatively complex project, so it is impossible to ensure … Read more