What is ACCC Conductors?

ACCC cable

Introduction of ACCC Conductors In particular, ACCC conductors have been used to increase the efficiency of the re-conductor portion of the transmission grid by 30% or more. ACCC cables use lightweight, small size carbon fiber composite cores. It not only increases the load-bearing capacity of the overall material but also reduces the core volume of … Read more

Application and Feature of Overhead Cable


Overhead wire and cable, originally refers to the bare wire erected in the air and insulated by air, mainly used as the trunk line of transmission lines or for special purposes. In the past ten years, in order to improve the safety of power transmission, the urban network transformation has changed the overhead bare wires … Read more

Four Reasons For the Failure of Fiber Optic Cable lines

fiber cable

The optical cable is mainly composed of optical fiber, plastic protective sleeve and plastic outer skin. There is no metal such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum in the optical cable. The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of cable core, reinforcing steel wire, filler and sheath, etc. In addition, there are waterproof … Read more

Ways of Cable Laying

Laying Cable

What should I pay attention to when laying directly? Under what circumstances is it used? For direct buried laying, it is necessary to consider whether the cable is easily damaged by external impact. If it will not be subjected to a large impact, direct laying is possible. If it may be subjected to some relatively … Read more

What is the Mineral Insulated Cable?

micc cable

In recent years, the most active new products in the cable field should be mineral insulated cables. Many cable manufacturers may also have regular exposure to mineral cables. Mineral cable is the earliest fireproof cable, originated in Switzerland, and later developed into a specific scale and customized fireproof standard bs6387 standard by the UK. MICC … Read more

The Voltage Rating Coaxial Ground Cable

The voltage level of the coaxial grounding cable should be determined according to the induced potential of the cable line. According to the past design experience, the voltage level of the coaxial grounding cable is generally 10kV; the cross-section of the coaxial grounding cable should be strictly selected according to the grounding current of the … Read more

The Benefits Of Using The Control Cable

control cable

Should you be a contractor, or maybe you possess a huge industrial business, chances are that you apply control cables. The control cable directly transmits electrical energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment and appliances. There are some advantages to having these cables. Here’s … Read more

Why can’t High Voltage Cables be Buried Underground?

hv cable

The current underground cables are generally of lower voltage level, and the line transmission with high voltage level is often overhead, which is mainly due to cost and technical factors.​​ Ultra-high voltage power transmission refers to the use of 500kV-1000kV voltage level to transmit electric energy. If the 220 kV transmission index is 100%, the … Read more