Global Demand for Nickel is Expected to Rise Over the Next 30 Years

Introduce Nickel resources are abundant in the world and the distribution of reserves is relatively concentrated. Nickel is a silver-white metal, with good ductility, magnetic and corrosion resistance, known as the “vitamin of the iron and steel industry”. The global nickel resources are rich, distributed all over the world, the overall reserves show a rising … Read more

Cable Basic Knowledge of the Most Complete Interpretation

The basic knowledge of cable is a lot, very complicated. Today, I have put together some, I hope to help you. Bare wire Bare wire and bare conductor products refer to conductive wire without insulation and sheath, mainly including bare single wire, bare stranded wire and profile three series products. Copper aluminum single wire: including … Read more

What is a Power Cable?

Define Power cable are used to transmit and distribute electric energy. Power cable are often used in urban underground power grids, power generating lines of power stations, internal power supply of industrial and mining enterprises, and underwater transmission lines across rivers and seas. Basic structure of power cable The innermost part of the power cable … Read more

Summary of Mineral Insulated Cable Knowledge

What is mineral insulated cable? Mineral insulated cable is a kind of cable with copper sheath wrapped copper conductor core, and magnesium oxide powder as inorganic insulating material to separate the conductor and sheath, the outermost layer can be selected according to the need for appropriate protective sleeve. Generally known as MICC or MI cable. … Read more

What is Environmental Protection Cable?

Environmental protection cable refers to the cable does not contain lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain brominated flame retardant, by SGS recognized testing institutions on environmental performance test, in line with the European Environmental Directive (RoSH) and higher than its indicators requirements. Do not produce harmful halogen gas, do … Read more

Will French Lithium Become a Major Contributor to Battery Materials for Electric Vehicles in Europe?

French mining companies plan to develop lithium deposits in central France Lithium ore is a very important resource. Plans to develop a lithium mine in central France were unveiled by French miner Imerys on Monday. It said could become a major contributor to Europe’s quest for material for electric vehicle batteries. Electric cars such as Renault’s Zoe … Read more

Analysis of the Importance of Submarine Cables from the Norwegian Submarine Cable Rupture Event

Submarine cable breaks in Norway The submarine cable is composed of polyethylene layer, polyester resin, aluminum tube, paraffin fiber bundle and other materials. Submarine cables play an important role in our life today. After the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, the Norwegian Armed forces deployed F-35 fighter jets, as did the UK, France and Germany! From … Read more