Analysis of the Importance of Submarine Cables from the Norwegian Submarine Cable Rupture Event

Submarine cable breaks in Norway The submarine cable is composed of polyethylene layer, polyester resin, aluminum tube, paraffin fiber bundle and other materials. Submarine cables play an important role in our life today. After the Nord Stream pipeline explosion, the Norwegian Armed forces deployed F-35 fighter jets, as did the UK, France and Germany! From … Read more

Opportunities and Challenges of Offshore Floating Wind Power Generation

What is floating offshore wind power? Floating wind power has several advantages over offshore wind power: Floating wind farms do not rely on solid soil and ground conditions and can be installed further offshore to take advantage of stronger winds to generate more energy. Floating offshore wind is a promising technology that can complement bottom-fixed … Read more

The Most Detailed Introduction and Development of Submarine Power Cables

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Australian Energy Startup Funds A Major Submarine Cable Project Australian energy startup Sun Cable has hired investment banks Macquarie and Moelis to raise more than A$30 billion ($20.6 billion) over the next 18 months to fund a giant solar farm and the world’s longest subsea cable. There will be the first time that Australia’s tens … Read more

What are Submarine Cables?

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Introduction of Submarine Cable Submarine cable are wires wrapped with insulating materials, which are laid on the seabed and underwater for telecommunication transmission. Submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables and submarine power cables. Modern submarine cables use optical fibers as the material to transmit telephone and Internet signals. In this age of informationization, … Read more