What are Submarine Cables?

submarine cable

Introduction of Submarine Cable Submarine cable are wires wrapped with insulating materials, which are laid on the seabed and underwater for telecommunication transmission. Submarine cables are divided into submarine communication cables and submarine power cables. Modern submarine cables use optical fibers as the material to transmit telephone and Internet signals. In this age of informationization, … Read more

What are Coaxial Cables?


The modern communications and networking cable market is oversaturated with quotes, so it can be difficult to choose the cable that is best for your specific application. In this article, we compare the most popular types of network cables, coaxial and twisted pairs, to help you make an informed choice. We’ve focused on the differences … Read more

Information of Single-conductor Cable and Multi-conductor Cable

What is a Single Core Cable Armored Grounding? Armored cables are usually cables reinforced with non-magnetic steel tape. Most industry professionals would probably refer to this as a non-magnetic steel tape armored cable. Then, single-core underground cables are usually armored because the cables must withstand excessive stress and environmental stress. Typically, when using cables such … Read more

The Difference Between Communication Cables And Power Cables

coaxial cable

Coaxial Cable Coaxial cable is a kind of transmission medium that many friends are familiar with. It is a cable wrapped with a layer of insulated wire to wrap the central copper wire. Its biggest feature is strong anti-interference ability, stable data transmission, and low price. However, in the past, coaxial cables were used more, … Read more

Demand of Wire and Cable Will be Increase in 2022

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The Global Trends Wire and Cable Industry 2021 is the year of recovery from the worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic rebound has been uneven geographically, as national policies, industry exposure, and stimulus largely determine how well countries weather the storm. The global wire and cable industry also reflect these trends. The year … Read more

The Compound Annual Growth Rate Of The Global High Temperature Cable Market Will Reach 8.9% In The Next Four Years

High-temperature cables are cables with conductors made of stranded soft copper conductors. Heat-resistant and high-temperature wires and cables are generally determined by two requirements. The first is that the ambient temperature of the wire and cable is high, and the cable can normally transmit signals or electric energy under high temperatures for a long time. … Read more