Veri Cable, specializing in submarine power cables, is suitable for telecommunications or transmission between countries or regions. We manufacture high-quality submarine cables with different voltages. In addition to our standard marine cable range, we support designing some special cables for specific project applications. Currently, around the world, more and more countries have the technology to lay subsea fiber optic cables. As of 2023, there are nearly five hundred submarine cables in the global waters, which have formed a huge submarine cable internet.

Submarine cable history is worth mentioning. Submarine fiber-optic cable communications have been around for more than 100 years now. In the 1990s, submarine fiber-optic cables and satellite communications became the main means of contemporary intercontinental communications. As of now in the 21st century, submarine communication cables have become an essential means of communication engineering for countries around the globe.

Veri submarine power cables are manufactured as VDE, IEC, and ICEA or according to customers’ design and standards. For more information about our solutions for cable products, please feel free to contact us.

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Submarine Cable Type and Application

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XLPE Insulated AC Medium Voltage Submarine Power Cable

These submarine power cables are used for power transmission to offshore islands, oil platforms, or cross-rivers and lakes. The laying of submarine cables does not require digging tunnels or supporting them with brackets, and low investment or fast construction.

  • Conductor: Copper conductor, circular stranded compacted, water blocked
  • Conductor Screening: Extruded semi-conductive compound
  • Insulation: XLPE
  • Insulation Screening: Extruded semi-conductive compound
  • Waterproof layer: semi-conductive waterproof tape
  • Screen: Copper tapes
  • Separator: Plastic foil
  • Core Sheath: PE
  • Fillers: Polypropylene filler
  • Separator: Binder tapes
  • Bedding Layer: Polypropylene strings
  • Armor: Galvanized steel wires
  • Serving: Hessian tapes, bituminous compound, polypropylene strings



The core of the submarine power cable is covered with a PE outer sheath. After the single steel armor, the cable is finally completed with an outer sheath. So it is mainly for all marine environmental conditions, such as muddy, dry, wet, or oily conditions meeting the requirements. The range of voltage is 6/10(12)kV,12/20(24)kV, 18/30(36)kV, and so on.

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XLPE Insulated DC High-Voltage Submarine Cable

A high-voltage submarine cable is used for high-voltage power transmission. Most of the submarine power cables are on the seabed at a certain depth, and they are not damaging the natural environment, such as wind and waves. Human production activities have interfered with them. Therefore, the cables are safe and stable, with strong anti-interference ability and good confidentiality.

  • Conductor: Copper conductor, water blocked
  • Conductor Screening: Extruded semi-conductive compound
  • Insulation: XLPE
  • Insulation Screening: Extruded semi-conductive compound.
  • Separator: Swelling tape
  • Core Sheath1: Lead Sheath
  • Core Sheath2: PE sheath
  • Bedding: Bedding layer
  • Armour: Galvanized steel wires filled with bitumen compound
  • Serving: Polypropylene yarn

STANDARDS&REFERENCES:IEC 60228, IEC 60502, IEC 60840, IEC 62067


As a high-voltage power transmission cable, it is major for carrying electric power below the surface of the water. The range of voltage is 127/220(245)kV, 160/275(300)kV, 200/345(362)kV, 230/400(420)kV, and so on.

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Submarine Fiber Optic Cable

Submarine fiber optic cable is also known as submarine communication cable. It is a wire wrapped in insulating material and laid on the ocean floor. Subsea fiber optic cable is the main artery that ensures that major regional networks around the world can interoperate with each other.
GYTA33 can also be buried directly into the ground, and this cable is available in sizes from 12 cores to 72 cores.

  • Precise control of the fiber length to ensure good tensile properties and temperature characteristics of the cable.
  • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or polyethylene (PE) sheath with good resistance to UV radiation.
  • Good compression resistance and flexibility.
  • Loose sleeves filled with special waterproof compounds.
  • Double-sided chrome-plated plastic coated steel strip (PSP) to improve the moisture permeability of the fiber optic cable.
  • Good water barrier material to prevent longitudinal water penetration of the cable.

Product Scope: Subsea, shallow sea

Fiber Count: 12 24 36 48 72 core

STANDARDS&REFERENCES:IEC 60228, IEC 60502, IEC 60840, IEC 62067


Submarine optical cable, also known as submarine communication cable, is a conductor wrapped with insulating materials and laid on the seabed to establish telecommunications transmission between countries.

ZMS Submarine Cable Service

Submarine cables have always been developed with the rapid development of global technologization, nowadays, all countries are competing to be the first to develop submarine cable manufacturing and laying technology so that the earth is clothed in submarine cables map network.ZMS Cable is a global cable manufacturer with a certain scale of submarine cables market in the world. Such as aerial cables, control cables, and armored cables.

When choosing ZMS Cable, we will attach according to the submarine cable specifications provided by the customer and provide a submarine cable laying program.ZMS understands that submarine cable laying consists of three main phases: cable routing surveys and cleanups, submarine cable laying, and burial protection. When laying submarine cables, it is necessary to control the angle of water ingress and increase the tension of laying submarine cables by controlling the sailing speed. All these are the rich experiences ZMS has.

As a professional submarine cable company, we offer high-quality cables in various constructions and voltage ratings. In addition, we also support customized products according to your requirements. We provide you with high-quality and low-price materials. Please feel free to contact us.

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