Understanding Three-Phase Cables: Features and Applications

In the realm of electrical engineering, the term “three-phase cable” holds significant importance. It is a crucial component in power distribution systems, industrial applications, and various other domains where a reliable and efficient supply of electricity is paramount. In this essay, ZMS vericable will explore what three-phase cables are, delve into their distinctive features, and … Read more

An article that takes you through the options for armored undersea cables! Favorite!

The process of laying submarine armored cables.

Underwater Submarine Armored Cables dominate the international transmission of voice calls and data traffic. This is mainly because such submarine cables have the advantage of high reliability, security, and capacity offered on major routes as well as cost-effectiveness. If you are struggling with your submarine cable choices and orders, then you can read this article … Read more

How are submarine cables wired?

The picture shows the submarine cable that has been laid.

Submarine cables engineering is recognized worldwide as a difficult and complex large-scale technical project. Both the cable design, manufacturing, and laying construction are much higher than other general cable products. Among them, are the intermediate joints of submarine cable, the production of terminals, installation, and wiring. And test commissioning is also a very important part … Read more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of low-smoke halogen-free cable?

LSZH cables reduce the production of harmful objects when the cable burns.

I do not know when the concept of green environmental protection is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, whether from food or daily supplies, more and more people are choosing to use environmentally friendly products. Even the decoration wire is no exception – low smoke halogen-free cable. This type of cable has good environmental performance and … Read more

Nexans to invest €1 billion in increased High Voltage DC Cables Technology and Capacity

Subsea cable

NKT plans to build a new plant, including a third extrusion tower in Karlskrona, Sweden, as well as a new market-leading power cable vessel. These investments are driven by growing demand for high-voltage DC cables, a strong order book, and a record backlog of more than €7 billion at the end of the first quarter … Read more

What is the classification of cables and how to name and cable purchase?

This is the most common combination of high voltage cables.

ZMS cable editorial comprehensively organized the cable classification and naming representation, but also made a detailed introduction to the cable classification, to help you have a better understanding of the cable purchase. The focus of this article has the following three modules. 1 A general introduction to the cable naming rules and classification. 2 Communication … Read more

French company Nexans launches low-carbon cables

Aquamarine ships are laying sea cables

French cable and fiber company Nexans has launched a new range of low-carbon distribution cables, the first of their kind on the French market. The company’s new approach reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of its low- and medium-voltage cables by 35-50%, depending on the product. About Carbon Emissions Carbon emissions are the average greenhouse gas … Read more

What are the characteristics and uses of mineral-insulated cable?

Mineral insulated cables are robust and durable

Mineral insulated cable is what cable mineral insulated cable is referred to as MI cable, used as wiring, the domestic custom is called magnesium oxide cable or fireproof cable. It is by the mineral material magnesium oxide powder as insulation copper core copper sheath cable, mineral insulated cable by the copper conductor, magnesium oxide, copper … Read more

Sumitomo Electric has reportedly built a new submarine cable factory in Scotland

Submarine cables are wires wrapped in insulating material and laid on the ocean floor for telecommunications transmission.

The UK has long been a leader in the development of the submarine cable industry. And as the topic of environmental protection has been gaining attention in recent years, various industries are competing to make outstanding contributions to the protection of the environment in their respective fields. This is also true in the cable industry. … Read more