Milestone achieved in Shetland HVDC Link project

The picture shows the cable tower of the high-voltage overhead cable at sunset.

A major milestone was reached in the installation of the Shetland high voltage transmission line Link project in the UK with the successful connection of the 320 kV high voltage transmission cable by NKT and two companies, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSEN Transmission).   The following is an introduction to high-voltage transmission cables. Cables are … Read more

What is known about low voltage cable?

The figure shows one of the most common low-voltage overhead lines.

A cable is a conductor that is covered with an insulation layer, a protective layer, a shield, etc., used to transmit electrical or signal current or signal voltage. They can be divided by voltage into high-voltage cables, medium-voltage cables, and low voltage cables. Low voltage cable lines in the low voltage ABC lines and low voltage overhead insulated lines, although … Read more

Application and Function of Overhead Cable

Overhead transmission lines are generally composed of foundations, towers, hardware, insulators, wires, ground wires (including OPGW optical cables), and grounding facilities. Above the conductors of overhead transmission lines, the power lines erected to avoid direct lightning strikes on the conductors of the transmission lines are both overhead ground wires (referred to as ground wires), also … Read more