Overhead bundled cables: A Great Invention for Transforming Power Distribution‍

In the world of power distribution, technological advancements have paved the way for more efficient and reliable solutions. Overhead Bundled Cables, also known as Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC), have emerged as a game-changer in the industry. These cables offer a safer and more effective alternative to traditional bare conductor cables used in overhead power transmission. … Read more

What is the classification of cables and how to name and cable purchase?

This is the most common combination of high voltage cables.

ZMS cable editorial comprehensively organized the cable classification and naming representation, but also made a detailed introduction to the cable classification, to help you have a better understanding of the cable purchase. The focus of this article has the following three modules. 1 A general introduction to the cable naming rules and classification. 2 Communication … Read more

French company Nexans launches low-carbon cables

Aquamarine ships are laying sea cables

French cable and fiber company Nexans has launched a new range of low-carbon distribution cables, the first of their kind on the French market. The company’s new approach reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of its low- and medium-voltage cables by 35-50%, depending on the product. About Carbon Emissions Carbon emissions are the average greenhouse gas … Read more

What are the characteristics and uses of mineral-insulated cable?

Mineral insulated cables are robust and durable

Mineral insulated cable is what cable mineral insulated cable is referred to as MI cable, used as wiring, the domestic custom is called magnesium oxide cable or fireproof cable. It is by the mineral material magnesium oxide powder as insulation copper core copper sheath cable, mineral insulated cable by the copper conductor, magnesium oxide, copper … Read more

What is the solar cable? What are the considerations when selecting one?

The characteristics of photovoltaic cables are determined by their cable-specific insulation and sheathing materials, which we call cross-linked PE.

Building cost-effective and profitable photovoltaic power plants represents the most important goal and core competence of all solar cable manufacturers. Profitability depends not only on the efficiency or high performance of the solar modules themselves, but also on a series of components that on the surface do not appear to be directly related to the … Read more

What is known about low voltage cable?

The figure shows one of the most common low-voltage overhead lines.

A cable is a conductor that is covered with an insulation layer, a protective layer, a shield, etc., used to transmit electrical or signal current or signal voltage. They can be divided by voltage into high-voltage cables, medium-voltage cables, and low voltage cables. Low voltage cable lines in the low voltage ABC lines and low voltage overhead insulated lines, although … Read more

What are the causes of high voltage cable failure?

This is the most common combination of high voltage cables.

High-voltage cables usually refer to transmission lines that carry voltages above 10kV. According to GB/T 2900.50-2008, definition 2.1, high voltage usually does not include 1000V. Overhead Line Method High-voltage transmission cables are usually transmitted underground by cables with insulation in cities, and often transmitted in the field using overhead lines carried by pylons.   Wire … Read more

How to Install Low Voltage Power Cables?

cable with low voltage

Pay Attention Before Install Low-voltage Cables When installing the low-voltage cable, ensure that the appearance of the low-voltage cable is complete. If the outer insulation layer of the low-voltage cable has noticeable stains, it should clean before installation. If the outer insulation layer of the low-voltage cable has obvious defects or serious scratches, you should … Read more

How to Choose Medium Voltage Cable?

mv cable

Development of Medium Voltage Cable With the economic development in recent years, the importance of medium-voltage cables has gradually become prominent, and the demand for medium-voltage cables in all walks of life is also increasing. Because of their characteristics, medium-voltage cables have different sizes and types. With special requirements, the structure of medium-voltage cables is … Read more