About customized cables, just read this article to understand!

Due to the accelerated development of the information age, a need for numerous signal transmissions, but also people on the cable from the quantity to the quality of the pursuit. Customers who buy cable are not only limited to the cable manufacturer to give the cable specifications but slowly develop to the customer can be based on their cable specifications to require cable manufacturers to make the corresponding cable. This is what many cable manufacturers now call customized cables.


If you are considering customized cables for your project, the ZMS cable team has come up with the following for you, which will hopefully help you.

Frequently asked questions about custom cables

Custom cables are cables that are designed to meet the needs and specifications of the customer.

Ordering customized cables is a good option when an existing product does not meet the customer’s application needs, or when a modified product can better meet them.

So when customizing cables, customers need to consider and understand the following questions.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using customized wires instead of standard products?


The biggest advantage of using customized cables is that all aspects of the cable design can be tailored to meet the needs and compliance requirements of the customer’s specific application.

Ordering customized cables can even save money as it eliminates the need to pay for unnecessary extras.


The main disadvantage is that more time and planning are required when placing an order.

Customers must allow time to manufacture the product, whereas stock inventory items can be shipped immediately.


Do all custom cables need to be designed from scratch?

Custom cables can be made completely from scratch, but it is not required.

Customers also have the option to alter the specifications of an existing cable product to make it better and faster to meet demand.


What choices are available to the customer during the wire design and manufacturing process?

Based on ZMS cable’s experience, customers have the opportunity to choose everything from cable material to jacket color when they work with a ZMS cable design specialist.

ZMS Cables will help customers determine the appropriate cable conductor material, stranding and insulation ID, and OD OD.

We will also customize special cable designs to meet requirements for flexibility, environmental resistance, and performance parameters. Examples include photovoltaic cables, flame retardant cables, etc.

If you need your cables to comply with industry standards, ZMS cables can of course fulfill that as well.


Do ZMS cables offer any other cable customization services?

Whether you choose to customize your cables here at ZMS Cables or choose to buy them off the shelf. You can take advantage of the wide range of value-added services we offer.

These customized value-added services include customized colors, cut meters and bending resistance, brand imprinting, and more.

With these services, you can easily customize cables to meet all your branding, identification, and installation needs.


Is it difficult to design the customization of cables?

With ZMS custom cable design experts, the customization process will be very simple.

The cable customization experts and businesses are highly experienced and will walk you through everything step by step.


Do I have to buy a lot of products to order cables?

No. Depending on the cable, your custom cable minimum order will be determined by your requirements.

Red Banner Electrician also offers pilot test runs for custom cables with shorter minimum length requirements.

Typically, custom cables are made in about 3 to 7 days to allow time for cable manufacturing.

The exact time varies depending on the complexity of the custom cable.

How do I start the cable design process?

Customers can contact us by email on any of ZMS’ product websites that require custom cable requirements.

The ZMS team will get back to you within 24 hours on a business day, and you will work with a custom cable expert to discuss your specific cable manufacturing needs.

Will also answer any questions you may have about custom cables and help you schedule your custom cables from design to manufacturing, to shipping, and everything in between.


Based on the continuous and ongoing development of industrial cables in electrical equipment. More customization requirements have been raised such as product performance customization, product packaging customization, etc.


Product Performance Customization

The wire originally conforming to a single standard is required to meet the requirements of several standards. Additional performance requirements beyond the standard are added.

In the actual process

Such as the customer will get part of the fixed installation of the cable has a new number of movement requirements.

Such as, the original low-temperature requirements to meet the -10 ℃ low-temperature winding requirements need to meet the -50 ℃ low-temperature winding requirements. If the sheath needs to increase its strength, oil resistance, chemical resistance, etc.. According to the need for the original standard of the sheath material for switching and adjusting to meet the new technical requirements.

Customized Packaging

According to the customer’s needs to change the product packaging in different ways.

For example, the number of meters, whether to cut, into the cable tray packaging or the coil packaging.

According to customer demand for product packaging within the scope of the adjustment to meet the requirements of different customers to use and efficiency requirements.


Above is all about customized cable, If you still have any do not understand, welcome to consult ZMS cable at any time, we will have a professional cable sales representative who will fight your problem.