Difference Between Electric Heating and Heating Cables

When winter comes, insulation and heating are often heard. In recent years, the use of electric heating cables and heating cable products has given users more choices. But many users are not very clear about the difference between electric heating cables and heating cables.

Different Types

The self-limiting electric heating cable can automatically limit the working temperature during heating. And automatically adjust the output power with the temperature change of the heated system. Heating cables are divided into single-conducting heating cables and double-conducting heating cables.

The temperature of the electric heating line is uniform and will not overheat. Its installation and operation costs are low, and it is easy to automate management. Electric heating cables are generally divided into self-limiting temperature heating cables and constant power heating cables.

Different Use of Principle

Self-limiting electric heating cable—The PTC resistance has a positive temperature effect. As the temperature increases, the resistance increases and the power decreases. Due to the current at startup, the length of industrial self-limiting temperature electric heating cables generally does not exceed 100 meters.

Constant Power Electric Heating Cable—The power bus is energized and heated, forming a continuous and uniform heating electric heating cable. After power-on, the power output is always constant, and will not change with the external environment, thermal insulation material, and heat tracing material. The output or stop of its power is usually controlled by a temperature sensor.

The working principle of the heating cable: the heating cable is made of a cable structure, using electricity as the energy source. And using alloy resistance wires to energize and heat to achieve the effect of heating or heat preservation.

The above is a brief introduction to the difference between electric heating cables and heating cables. Of course, in practical applications, it is necessary to choose and use electric heating cables or heating cable products according to the occasion of thermal insulation. We will select suitable cable products and design corresponding solutions according to the needs of customer.

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