Application and Feature of Overhead Cable

Overhead wire and cable, originally refers to the bare wire erected in the air and insulated by air, mainly used as the trunk line of transmission lines or for special purposes. In the past ten years, in order to improve the safety of power transmission, the urban network transformation has changed the overhead bare wires to overhead insulated cables. Therefore, overhead wires and cables do not just refer to bare wires.

What is the Overhead Cable?

An important feature or requirement of overhead wires and cables is that the ratio of tensile force per unit weight and the unit weight ratio of the current-carrying capacity are higher. From this point of view, it is not difficult to draw the following conclusions from the comparison of various overhead wires and cables: copper is not as good as aluminum, and pure aluminum is not as good as aluminum alloy. And the most classic overhead conductor, steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire, is inferior to the aluminum-clad steel-cored aluminum-stranded wire.

The availability of utilities such as electricity, gas, and water is a fundamental right of citizens. However, the required infrastructure must be in place to ensure an uninterrupted supply of utilities. Efficient distribution of utilities is not possible without a well-developed infrastructure. Contractors and city departments responsible for building the required infrastructure to supply utilities need access to the highest quality utility supplies, equipment, and necessary hardware. We also provide the best tools needed for overhead and underground cable pulling.

What are the Best Tools for Overhead Cables?

Types of utility supplies aerial tools as the name suggests, these tools help contractors successfully pull overhead cables with the correct tension and cover large distances. Let’s take a look at some aerial tools. mounting adapters, cable benders, mounting brackets, corner blocks, cable pullers, fiber optic cables, underground tools, and underground cables are essential for telecommunications and power supply. Today, even fiber-optic internet cables are underground. The availability of the following underground tools and equipment is necessary to ensure the safe installation of underground cables.

The quality of the equipment must be top-notch, otherwise, the entire project could be at risk, costing time and money. Lubricants and degreasers, while not technically utility-supplied, are of the highest quality to ensure a long life for all of the above equipment. These products help protect and extend the life of overhead and underground cable pulling equipment. With years of industry experience, we are also a trusted cable supplier. Contact us to learn about all our products.