Optical Fiber Communication in Power Communication

With the increasing development of the power industry, the capacity and reliability of the power communication network need to be continuously expanded and enhanced.

At present, power special optical fibers used in power communication include optical fiber composite ground wire, optical fiber composite phase wire, all-dielectric self-supporting optical fiber cable, metal self-supporting optical fiber cable, and ground bundled optical fiber cable. The article discusses the first three main applications.

Application of Optical Fiber Ground Wire

OPGW can provide optical fiber units for communication in the ground wire of power transmission lines. It is more commonly used in new lines or old lines to replace ground wires. Then the optical cable can be used as a lightning protection wire for a transmission line, providing shielding protection for the transmission wire against lightning discharge. And can also use the optical fiber compounded in the ground wire to transmit information. In the application process, OPGW can not only meet the optical performance but also fully meet the mechanical and electrical performance requirements of the overhead ground wire.

Application of All-Dielectric Self-Supporting Optical Cable

ADSS is widely used in transmission lines with voltage levels of 220KV, 110KV, and 35KV, and the existing lines are the most widely used. ADSS optical cable has excellent optical fiber transmission, optical cable mechanical and environmental performance. And can be erected in the same way as high-voltage power transmission lines. ADSS has strong advantages: strong anti-magnetic interference, and strong anti-electric corrosion ability. And the design of optical cable has fully considered the influence of various natural conditions, multiple bending, not easy to burn, not easy to generate heat aging problem.

Application of Optical Fiber Composite Phase Line ( OPPC )

In order to meet the requirements of optical fiber networking, OPPC was formed by adding optical fibers to the traditional phase line structure by adopting suitable methods. Although OPPC and OPGW have the same structure, they are different in principle in terms of installation and operation. OPPC can make full use of the line resources in the power system. As a new type of special power optical cable, it can effectively alleviate the external contradictions such as frequency resources, and electromagnetic compatibility, and can be well used in power communication.

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