Prysmian wins €700 million order for high-voltage DC underground cables in Germany

The Prysmian Group has recently signed an order for 2GW of high-voltage DC underground cable systems with the German grid operator TenneT TSO GmbH for a total amount of nearly 700 million euros.

This reaffirms Prysmian’s role in the German HVDC projects SuedOstLink, SuedLink and A-Nord, which have been awarded to Prysmian for a sum of more than €1.5 billion and are currently being implemented.

Prysmian will supply and install an onshore system to transmit renewable energy from wind farms in northern and eastern Germany to high-consumption cities and factory districts in southern Germany, which is essential for Germany’s energy transition.

suedOstLink consists of two projects – V5 and V5a. Both projects, with an individual transmission capacity of up to 2 GW each, will together provide 4 GW of electricity to southern Bavaria, Germany.

The HVDC P-Laser cable for this project was developed by the Prysmian Group and will be produced in Gron, France, where a new second production line is being invested in. The assemblies will be produced in Livorno, Italy, while the fiber optic cables will be manufactured in Romania. the P-Laser cable solution provides over 2 GW of power transmission capacity on a single system and is the first 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, high-performance insulation technology based on HPTE (High-Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer) that reduces CO2 emissions during production.

The delivery of the V5a cable is scheduled to start in 2025 and become operational in 2030. This V5a extension runs parallel to the SuedOstLink V5 transmission corridor.