What are the Armored Cables?

Armored cables are one of the most common types of cables. This cable type is known for its protective layer. And they can protect its core from a variety of adverse conditions, including extreme tension. This cable can come in numerous applications including underground wiring and mains power.

An armored cable is a cable that contains an extra layer of protection to protect its internal components from abrasion. Essentially, this cable type is stronger than traditional cables and works optimally. Sadly, most people will disappoint when dealing with this type of cable. This disappointment often occurs when you choose the wrong cable type. Most people think that steel armored cable is the only cable with armor. Any decision based on this assumption is usually wrong. Armored cables are divide into three different classifications, namely:

Steel Wire Armored cable——SWA

Steel wire armored cables are undoubtedly the most famous armored cables. However, it’s not the only cable with armor. Before choosing a specific cable for your intended application, it is best to understand what an armored cable means. Like traditional wires, armored cables serve different purposes.

Steel wire armor is undoubtedly the best known armoured cable. The cable consists of a highly conductive copper conductor, an XLPE or PVC inner jacket, and a steel wire armor that makes up its outer jacket. Its steel armor allows it to withstand any mechanical end that could damage the cable. Therefore, this armored cable comeswhen dealing with mains power applications.

Armored cable manufacturers produce this cable in two different forms, low voltage and high voltage variations. It’s best if you make your choice based on the expected cable. Considering that this cable is heavy and difficult to bend, it is more suitable for you as a grounded armored cable.

Steel Tape Armored Cable——STA

This armored cable is suitable for wiring applications with current requirements up to 35kV. The construction of the cable includes steel tape armor in its outer jacket. STA cable is less expensive than SWA cable, mainly because it is easier to manufacture.

Nonetheless, it is unwise to focus on armored cable price rather than whether it is suitable for your intended application. This cable is ideal if you want to do some wiring in a pest and termite area. It is also popular in wiring installations relate to construction, underground mining and petrochemical applications.

Before choosing a specific armored cable, you need to ensure that its minimum bend radius is suitable for your intended application. Regardless of its classification, armored cables must not bent below the minimum bend radius specified by their manufacturer. This minimum bend radius is usually shown on the outer jacket of the cable.

There are certain key pieces of information you need to know when shopping for wire armored cables. For example, you need to have a good understanding of the various classifications. This article provides some information that can help you avoid this unfortunate situation. Take the time to read it carefully and make sure you have all the important information.