The Ways of Laying Submarine Cable

submarine cable

The submarine cable project is recognized as a complex and difficult large-scale project by countries all over the world. Submarine cables are wrapped with insulating material and laid on the seabed for telecommunication transmission. And submarine communication cables and submarine power cables are both of submarine cables So, how are submarine cables laid? The Laying … Read more

The Benefits Of Using The Control Cable

control cable

Should you be a contractor, or maybe you possess a huge industrial business, chances are that you apply control cables. The control cable directly transmits electrical energy from the distribution point of the power system to the power connection line of various electrical equipment and appliances. There are some advantages to having these cables. Here’s … Read more

Optical Fiber Communication in Power Communication

adss cable

With the increasing development of the power industry, the capacity and reliability of the power communication network need to be continuously expanded and enhanced. At present, power special optical fibers used in power communication include optical fiber composite ground wire, optical fiber composite phase wire, all-dielectric self-supporting optical fiber cable, metal self-supporting optical fiber cable, … Read more

Why can’t High Voltage Cables be Buried Underground?

hv cable

The current underground cables are generally of lower voltage level, and the line transmission with high voltage level is often overhead, which is mainly due to cost and technical factors.​​ Ultra-high voltage power transmission refers to the use of 500kV-1000kV voltage level to transmit electric energy. If the 220 kV transmission index is 100%, the … Read more

Why do Fiber Optic Cable Lines Fail?

opgw cable

Optical cable is a certain number of optical fibers form a cable core according to a certain method. Optical fiber cable is covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission. The integrated wiring project is a relatively complex project, so it is impossible to ensure … Read more

Demand of Wire and Cable Will be Increase in 2022

cable market

The Global Trends Wire and Cable Industry 2021 is the year of recovery from the worst impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The economic rebound has been uneven geographically, as national policies, industry exposure, and stimulus largely determine how well countries weather the storm. The global wire and cable industry also reflect these trends. The year … Read more

How to Choose The Right Solar Cable?

solar cable

Whether solar cables are the key to photovoltaic installations, large installations for solar farms or small installations for domestic self-consumption solar systems. The characteristics of solar cables are determined by the special insulating materials and sheathing materials for cables, which we call cross-linked PE. Features of The Solar Cable The sheath of common cables has poor anti-ultraviolet performance, … Read more

The Compound Annual Growth Rate Of The Global High Temperature Cable Market Will Reach 8.9% In The Next Four Years

High-temperature cables are cables with conductors made of stranded soft copper conductors. Heat-resistant and high-temperature wires and cables are generally determined by two requirements. The first is that the ambient temperature of the wire and cable is high, and the cable can normally transmit signals or electric energy under high temperatures for a long time. … Read more